17 Instances Of People Finding Verrryyy Strange Things In Their Homes That They Have Little To No Explanation For

I don't know about you, but I love a good "unexplained mystery." I'm especially curious about the bizarre things people find in their homes with no idea of how they ended up there. So recently, I decided to ask the BuzzFeed Community to share the weird or creepy things they've found in their home that they have no explanation for. Here are their stories (and even some photographic evidence).

1."I have two, unfortunately. My house had gallon-sized glass pickle jars on shelving in the basement. In every single one, there were all different-sized rat skeletons. My chimney, when opened through the basement access, also featured bat and squirrel skeletons and a 1960s-era Barbie doll. So random."


2."We uncovered this graffiti in our co-op's basement during our recent re-shelving. We think it dates back to the '60s."

Graffiti on a brick wall with various words and scribbles, some items stored in the corner

3."Not a physical thing per se, but something that has twice now impersonated my husband's voice when he wasn't here. My dog reacted to it as well. Empty house, empty yard."


4."A full-on second floor. When we bought the house, it had a dormer window. We asked the Realtor if there was access to it, and he said that the previous owners had remodeled the house, and the only access was a crawl space with a door in the bedroom closet or up a 16-foot ladder to the window, but the window was locked."

Interior of an old, dilapidated room with an open door and a red extension cord on the floor

5."I moved into an apartment that had a very odd closet. First of all, it had been scrawled all over with crayons by some child who had lived there before. It also had a series of small stepped ledges that I think were meant to be for shoes. It looked solid at first, but I found out accidentally that it was removable and covered up a hole in the back of the closet. The hole was full of doll parts of all sorts — heads, torsos, legs, arms. As far as I could tell, none of them were parts of the same doll."


6."In our old house, there was a false wall that had a gap between it and the basement stairwell. Stuff and dog hair would collect between the two, so we'd have to sweep it out regularly. Once, we found a strange plaque about marriage (kinda churchy). We thought it was odd, but it was the least odd thing. After some water damage, we hired a mold inspector to check out our basement. He told us we had a closet under the stairs and that the door was hidden by the false wall."

Assorted debris and discarded items clutter a neglected space

7."In our finished basement of a house built in 1949, a piece of acoustic tile ceiling wore away from one corner’s nail. Lying there was an old Playboy featuring Jayne Mansfield."

—Anonymous, 63, New York

8."I bought a new condo, and my mom was helping to clean it before I moved in. There was what she thought was just a normal stuffed rabbit on a high shelf. She had to use a broom to knock it off, and it fell flat on its face. She was terrified when she flipped it over and saw this thing. She brought it home to show my dad, then threw it away, but my dad secretly retrieved it and kept hiding it in the bushes to scare her."

Plush toy resembling a baby with bunny ears and paws sitting on a surface

9."We were having a ceiling fan put in the living room, but the only way to get in the ceiling was to cut out part of my upstairs bedroom wall in the closet. My brother-in-law came out of there carrying the body (no head) of an old doll. Can't explain how it got there or who put it there. Never did have a peaceful sleep in that room after that, not to mention all the other things that started happening in that house after that. I was glad when I was old enough to move out."

—Anonymous, 50, Ohio

10."I bought a BIG two-bedroom condo apartment in East Flatbush in Brooklyn many years ago and was told that a 'bundle' came with the apartment and it was my responsibility to keep/get rid of it. The 'bundle,' it seems, was an ANCIENT Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon! I tried in vain to find a buyer or donate it. It was ratty, huge, kinda smelled, and was even deflated."

Giant Barney balloon floats in parade with handlers in green uniforms guiding it down a NYC street

11."I found two coffin-shaped bits of plastic with crosses on them in my closet that I know 100% weren't there when I moved in. I was pretty freaked out at first, but I'm guessing it was the guy I was dating at the time. We broke up after I found out he was lying about himself and was basically a fundamentalist Christian, and shortly after that, I found the little coffins."


12."A while back, my in-laws moved into a late relative's home. It was built sometime in the mid-1800s and needed a ton of repairs. After several months, the family was finally able to bring in their old refrigerator, the kind with a water/ice dispenser on the front, which they'd been keeping in a storage unit until the house had whatever hookups it needed to support that."

A refrigerator water and ice dispenser with clearly marked buttons

13."When my husband and I bought our house, one of the first projects we took on was removing all of the old baseboard hot water pipes and their covers. Long story short, the system was no longer functional, and mice were using the pipes as a rodent-sized freeway. Shoved behind one of the pipe covers — 'shoved' is the operative word; like, it was jam-packed and couldn't have fallen in by accident — was a faded CD of Britney Spears's 2003 masterpiece, In the Zone."

"When you move into any new home, there's always that lingering anxiety around whether or not the home will feel good, if you know what I mean. In our case (i.e., the case of two pop-loving gay men), this was our definitive sign that the vibes would be absolutely immaculate for years to come."

—Ross Yoder

14."Our California home was on a hillside with no basement, but with a dirt crawl space accessed in the back of the garage. I crawled in one day to run some wires. Deep under the house, I pointed my flashlight at a dirt shelf. My scream caught in my throat as dozens of mannequin heads stared sightlessly back at me. The wires were dropped and eventually run by someone else. I never went back there again."

A mannequin head used for hats or wigs is stored in a dimly lit, cluttered space

15."The house we live in currently has a small attic above the garage. When we moved in, we went up and found a bunch of junk: broken Playskool toys, lawn chairs, random auto parts, etc. However, under a draped blanket against the back wall, we found a large mirror with an ornate, wood-carved frame in pristine condition. My husband and I are both atheists and don't believe in anything supernatural, but we were both creeped out, put the blanket over it again, and left it there, where it remains to this day. It's the next owner's problem when we move again."


16."Our house is 62 years old and was built on cinder block pilings. There's less than 2 feet of clearance in the crawl space, which is not completely closed in, meaning you can just crawl under our house if you so desire from three sides, as only the front side has brick that goes all the way to the ground. While checking out some of the pipes under the house after we bought it, my husband found a giant, empty tub of coleslaw. I'm talking, like, a mini coleslaw vat. I will forever wonder if someone just decided one day to devour said coleslaw vat in the privacy of the crawl space and, if so, who this person was, 'cause I'd kinda like to know them."

A person holding a plastic container with leftover coleslaw and a fork

—Anonymous, 41, North Carolina

u/CuntFacedWankMuffin / Via reddit.com

17."This was back in the late '90s. My then-husband and I lived in a one-story house that had been built in 1923. It was pretty cold and drafty in the winter, so we decided to put some additional insulation in the attic. I call it an attic, but it was more like a crawl space accessed by one of those pull-down stairs apparatuses. It had a very low ceiling, so you couldn't really stand up all the way, and there was no real floor, just the ceiling joists with drywall underneath."

"Husband went up there before the insulation install to make sure there weren't any items left by the previous owners. There was a tiny window at the front of the attic letting in a little bit of light, and he could see the silhouette of something small right up by the window. It was the only thing up there.

"He picked his way over there very carefully, making sure to step on the crossbeams of the joists and hunch over because of the low ceiling, and found an old coffee can with pieces of an old porcelain doll in it — a head, an arm, etc. 

"He felt so creeped out and disturbed. Someone had to really work to put it up there — it wasn't just some weird item you might find discarded in the yard or forgotten in a garage. He left it there, and we never went back up in the attic again."


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