19 Things People Are Convinced Others Only Pretend To Enjoy

I am firmly convinced that people who claim to love black licorice only mildly like it or tolerate it because they grew up eating it, and the taste is nostalgic to them.

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And recently, I came across a Reddit post that dealt with just that. In it, user questioninghoms asked: "What are you convinced people are just pretending to enjoy?"

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The thread got thousands of responses. Below are the top, best, and most-often repeated things people believe nobody actually likes:


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2."High heels. They look great, but god, my feet."

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3."Family Christmas/Thanksgiving gatherings. I am fortunate to have a wonderful family with no embarrassing relatives. But it is exhausting to pretend to be in a good mood and have forced holiday cheer for several hours."

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4."A lot of mobile games and multiplayer games. Specifically, that people have convinced themselves they’re enjoying it when really it’s just become a habit. Some games are so good at getting people into a habit loop. I'm not excluding myself here. I have one game that I know I don’t really enjoy anymore but sunk cost and habit keep me logging on every day, even if my total play time is down."

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5."Edible arrangements. Fruit is good, but edible arrangements either have to be eaten quickly, taken apart to be stored in the fridge, or thrown away."

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6."Cold plunges in ice."

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7."For online dating at least: hiking [as a first date]."

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9."Crowded events with hard-to-get and expensive crappy beer."

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10."IPAs. You guys in the mood for a cool glass of bread?"

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11."The Office (the TV show). It's OK and all, I just don’t think it deserves the cult status it has. Some people have to be faking their enthusiasm for fear of being ostracized from their social groups."

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12."Small talk. I understand the necessity for it, but some people just can't get past it, so you end up having to engage in superficial things. As an introvert, I seek to understand others on a deeper level. In a way, small talks are oftentimes closer to interrogations rather than conversations."

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14."Obnoxious oversinging in television talent shows."

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15."Voluntarily waking up at 5 a.m."

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16."League of Legends. I’ve never encountered a more toxic fandom. There is no way those people are actually having fun."

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17."TikTok, I'm 29 and simply don't get it."

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18."Gender reveal parties."

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19.And lastly, "Twitter/X"

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You can read the original thread on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.