People Are Revealing The Bad Habits That A Shocking Amount Of People Have, And You Most Certainly Have Witnessed More Than A Few Of These

I think it's safe to say, all of us have at least one or two bad habits. For example, it can be something like letting dishes sit in the sink for days or going to bed really late almost every night. But then, there are other common bad habits that actually affect others around us, too.

"That's kind of a bad habit of mine."

And recently, Reddit user Subderhenge posed this question about bad habits in the AskReddit subreddit: "What is a bad habit that a shocking amount of people have?"

"It's a bad habit"

Lots and lots of people chimed in on the thread. Below are the top, best, and most often repeated comments:

1."No spatial awareness. This has become so bad because of phones. You’re in a crowded airport and someone in front of you stops dead in their tracks, reverses direction, and slams into you. They act like it’s your fault. You’re in a crowd of people trying to exit a building, and one person stops as soon as they get through the door, completely unaware of the pileup of people behind them. Maddening."

People in line at the airport with their luggage
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2."Social media/phone addiction. How many of us do anything without our phones now? When’s the last time you left your house without it? The last time you forgot your phone or lost it, how anxious did you feel? Every time I try to slow down on my usage, I do good at first, and then I have a day where I could be doing anything else and I still go to my phone and waste the day away. I’ll absentmindedly pull it out while I’m watching TV, too. Or playing video games. Here I am at work on it again."

Someone's phone open to their social apps
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3."Tailgating. Count out a 2–5-seconds following distance at highway speeds, folks. That ain’t it and you’re making traffic much worse."

An angry car in the rearview mirror
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4."Going into work while sick instead of taking a paid sick day off. Aside from it not helping that person get well sooner, they're also likely going to get their coworkers sick, too."

A man blowing his nose


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5."Not washing your hands after going to the bathroom (look it up — it’s actually scary how little people wash their hands after going to the bathroom)."

Someone washing their hands
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6."Lying. Probably the biggest shock I got from the real world once I started adulting is how much people lie and try to manipulate. It’s disheartening."

a person crossing their fingers behind their back
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7."Responding with defensiveness rather than with a curiosity to the unknown."

a man holding up his hand to a woman
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8."Saying they’re going to do things or want to do things and never do them. If you want to do something, do it."

a woman looking at a chalkboard with various words on it
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9."Playing loud music or videos on their phone without earbuds in a public space, like a library."

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10."Materialism. Buying stuff just for the sake of buying it, not because you need it. I think a lot of people have this huge empty hole in their soul that they constantly try to fill with more and more stuff."

A woman looking at products
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11."Still continuing to drive while on a cellphone or texting despite the dangers and fines associated with it."

a person texting while driving
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12."Interrupting someone while they're in the middle of talking."

a woman trying to talk to someone who isn't paying attention
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13."Getting offended when someone makes a mistake. You're not going to die if some random stranger on the internet doesn't know the difference between their, there, and they're. Also, getting offended by someone's personal preferences. So what if some people prefer iPhone over Android, DC over Marvel, or like cream in their coffee. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not like they listen to Justin Bieber."

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14."Chewing with their mouths open. I hate eating out in public because the sound of people smacking their food is all I can hear. 🤢😂"

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15."Waiting to talk instead of listening."

a man and woman talking while the man looks away
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16."Smoking. It’s been known long enough that it kills you and can harm people around you, too. Too many people still start the habit."

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17."Oversharing on social media. Privacy has become so rare, and it is not helped by the fact that most products/services also require your personal info."

Emojis coming out of someone's phone
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18.And lastly, "Being checked out during social interactions. Phone in hand, not really listening, not present."

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You can read the original thread over on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.