People are regretting their 'Katespiracy' theories after Kate Middleton's cancer announcement

People are regretting their 'Katespiracy' theories after Kate Middleton's cancer announcement
  • Kate Middleton announced her recent cancer diagnosis on Friday.

  • In the past few weeks, people online speculated about her mysterious absence.

  • Following the news, some people expressed regret for their conspiracy theories.

Before Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis on Friday, the internet speculated about her public absence for weeks.

A manipulated photo fueled theories online. Then, the video of Middleton walking alongside Prince William got the online "Katespiracy" machine up and running again.

For weeks, people online and on TV have been particularly excited about resurfaced gossip of an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury.

Well, the jokes and rumor mill squeaked to a halt following Middleton's official statement.

Blake Lively was one of the first to speak up. A note posted as an Instagram Story on her verified account said: "I'm sure no one cares today but I feel like I have to acknowledge this. I made a silly post around the 'photoshop fails' frenzy, and oh man, that post has me mortified today. I'm sorry. Sending love and well wishes to all, always."

She was not alone. In the hours after Middleton's announcement, commenters online were expressing remorse over how outlandish some of the theories were.

Some of the conspiracies were ludicrously elaborate

Weeks ago, even talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver weighed in on Middleton's mysterious absence.

"There is a non-zero chance that she died 18 months ago," Oliver joked.

Now, some people find all the speculation distasteful.

"People all over the world went into hysteria with the 'Katespiracy' because they had nothing better to do, yet all along the poor woman was dealing with cancer," said X user @Melbourne_says. Others, like @MomAngtrades, directed their ire at Colbert and other celebrities who participated in "suggesting disgusting stuff."

People are retracting crude jokes about her absence

Beyond just the theories, some people cracked jokes about Middleton and the Royal Family, such as Middleton getting a BBL or appearing on "The Masked Singer."

Aware of how wrong they were, some people have poked fun at themselves for "spreading Kate Middleton misinformation" and liking false tweets about her.

Some people see the moment as a chance for self-reflection. "Let this be a lesson to us all…dont wander into wild and ridiculous conspiracy theories," said X user Jamie Schler.

Still, did the palace have to handle everything this way?

While the Palace initially stated in January that Kate Middleton would be out of the public eye until Easter following her abdominal surgery, it didn't stop the conspiracy theories from brewing.

Considering that both King Charles and Middleton have cancer, some people online wonder why there was such a stark difference in how they were announced.

"Two things can be true: Cancer is awful, and the Kate Middleton reality is very sad," said X user Mel Woods. "The palace PR machine royally messed up over the past few weeks, and people were very justified to be asking questions/investigating what was going on."

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