Can people 'quiet quit' relationships?


Many people will have heard of "quiet quitting" in relation to the workplace.

The term refers to doing the minimum requirements of a job and putting in no extra time or effort. But according to Tina Wilson, relationship expert and founder of Wingman (, "quiet quitting" can refer to romantic relationships too.

"The person 'quiet quitting' will go through the motions and try and express their feelings without saying a word and will avoid being the one to initiate the 'break up conversation'," she explained. "They will do the bare minimum in the relationship to send signals they hope will have a negative impact on the other person, such as being overtly annoying, purposely forgetful of important occasions or aloof. There will also be a lack of affection both emotionally and physically within the relationship."

Among the signs you may be on the verge of a breakup is when there is a sudden halt in talking about the future together or discussing plans or you realise you don't have any fun together when you are in each other's company.

If you suspect you are a victim of "quiet quitting", it's possible the relationship has run its course.

"Try and have an open and honest chat with the other person and see if there is anything bothering them or on their mind. You must approach the situation in a mature manner if you want things to work out. Don't be judgmental either," the expert continued. "If they don't take your concerns on board and are not prepared to fix the relationship then you know where you stand. If the other person is prepared to work on things then take steps to spend dedicated/quality time together and encourage each of you to talk freely about your feelings."

In addition, Tina noted that "quiet quitting" isn't a healthy solution in the long run.

"The breakup conversation will of course hurt the other person but they will be able to move on in a healthier and more positive way by having closure," she added. "Avoid arguing or going into too much detail and make a clean break - don't go back if you know in your heart it is over. You will only hurt them by letting them think there is hope which is unfair."