People are paying £154 a night to stay in a giant potato

Just when I thought my Airbnb requirements couldn’t get anymore niche, this happens.

This hot potato holiday rental is now a permanent fixture in Boise, Idaho. It features a blush pink lounge area, king-sized bed, boho toilet and a metal bathtub.

Excuse me while I book a one-way ticket to Idaho.

The aptly named Idaho Potato Hotel is already fully booked in May and one night will set you back £154.

The potato has a cool back story, too. It was designed in 2012 by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote, you guessed it, potatoes.

Potatoes are one of Idaho’s most popular products. Up until 2018, the potato has toured the whole of the US.

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Kristie Wolfe, the renovator of the potato, was approached to turn it into a rental last year, and what a fine job she has done.

It’s surrounded by 400 acres of farmland with a scarcely used railroad running alongside it.

Since it’s renovation, it now features free on-site parking, air conditioning, hot water, heating and an indoor fireplace.

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It doesn’t, however, have any windows, so this might not be one for you if you don’t like confined spaces.

The potato hotel will be open from early May and it’s already proving pretty popular with people from all over the world.

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