People Are Arguing About The Latest Controversial Home Design Trend: The Tub Inside The Shower Combo

A couple of months ago, my timeline was arguing about the "inaccessible home landing" trend.

Twitter: @RealEstateMaxi

Then the weird home trend discourse surrounded this little landing:

Twitter: @jverona77

And now there's a new design trend that has everyone's attention.

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It's this tub inside the shower combo:

Twitter: @ChanginWithTime

"What in the Chip and Joanna Gaines is this?" one person asked.

Twitter: @elmercc3

People pointed out how it isn't practical because of its open air nature.

Twitter: @novathewolph

Someone said that taking a bath and a shower together might not work because the shower water could splash on you while you're in the bath.

Twitter: @_LuvLovely

And this person compared it to a "high end dog grooming station."

Twitter: @shehandledit

But not everyone hated it!

Twitter: @BigFrostDon

Some people said it made a lot of sense.

Twitter: @100kAintNoMoney

"The way I would sit in this tub and just let the water overflow."

Twitter: @_keleidoscope

This person pointed out how it's perfect to first soak in the tub and then get out and actually shower.

Twitter: @Dynesha_Monae

And this person even shared a video of their own tub in shower combo:

Twitter: @kaaill_

Personally, it reminds me of a mini adult water park, but clean up would be a huge pain in the ass.

  Romaset / Getty Images
Romaset / Getty Images

Ultimately I'm with this person, though:

Twitter: @TPangoro