People are losing it over Kourtney's appearance in the trailer for the new Kardashian show

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Photo credit: Khloe Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Khloe Kardashian - Instagram

The big Kardashian news right now is that we have our first teaser for the family's new reality show, The Kardashians. But while the rest of us started revising our Kar-Jenner trivia in preparation, a load of fans were taking to Twitter to point out something hilarious about Kourtney's appearance in the trailer, and - to be honest - they're not wrong...

While 2021 saw the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians after 14 years on our screens, it wasn't long before the famous family announced that they would be returning in 2022 with a brand new (albeit slightly similar looking) reality show with US streamer Hulu.

Well, as of New Year's Day the very first teaser for the series was released on Twitter, showing Khloé, Kendall, Kim, Kris, Kourtney and Kylie introducing the new series and wishing fans a happy new year. Captioned, "New year, new beginnings. See you soon," the tweet also indicates that the new series is coming very soon.

So far, so Kardashian. However, in and amongst the excited responses some fans picked up on something else about the teaser that, once you see it you really can't un-see it. Specifically, that Kourtney looks, er..., not so chuffed to be there.

Obviously people were quick to pick up on her possibly-slightly-less-than-enthused expression, with some even suggesting that it's simply just another storyline that the famous family is now leaning into. I mean, who knows?!

While many of the details about the new show have been kept under wraps Kim gave fans a little insight during an interview with WSJ. Magazine on 25 October, revealing that the new project will show a "different side" of the famous family.

She explained, "I think it will be a different side. But I wouldn't say that our silly sides are not going to come out."

And, of course, let's not forget that Kourtney's engagement to Travis Barker was reportedly filmed for the show. We'd be lying if we said we weren't excited...

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