People Are Losing Their Minds Over Amazon's Tiny Container Homes, So We Found 3 That Are All Under $25,000

People Are Losing Their Minds Over Amazon's Tiny Container Homes, So We Found 3 That Are All Under $25,000

Recently, millions of people across the internet were gobsmacked upon learning that not only does Amazon sell tiny houses...

Article headline about 13 million watching a video on tiny homes for sale on Amazon, with pessimistic reactions

...they sell tiny houses that are actually kind of cute and very livable.

Modular container home with open glass door and several windows, isolated on a white background

AND anyone can buy one for under $20,000.

Price tag showing an amount of $18,999.00

In a market where the average home price in the US hovers around $387,600 amid rising rent, grocery, and gas costs, it's not hard to see why the tiny price tag tempts some.

Upon seeing one of Amazon's prefabricated homes, a Twitter user spoke truth to many people's feelings by saying, "This is just about the only house I will be able to afford."

Even our own BuzzFeed audience was impressed. One person commented, "I'm glad these exist because it's changing the traditional homebuying landscape. the reality is that homes are unattainable for people and we can't all just get 'better' jobs or continue paying rent at these prices."

User expresses appreciation for changes in homebuying, noting the difficulty in affording homes or rent

Adding to the discussion, another person wrote, "My husband and I have been talking about something like this for years. We own our house and have an extra half-acre lot adjoining it. I'd like to get a tiny house like this and set it toward the back of the lot so that when my mom is no longer able to live on her own, she could still have her own place...but she'd be literally right in our backyard."

"And when we got older ourselves and our daughter is married and has kids, we could move into the tiny house and she could have the main house."

Commenter shares a desire for a tiny home in the backyard for privacy and family closeness, gaining likes for the idea

Fascinated by the possibilities, I scoured Amazon in search of other housing options. So, if the idea of living in a tiny home appeals to you — or if you just can't help rubbernecking over the price per square footage — here are two more hard-to-believe spaces we found for sale.

This portable trailer home on wheels comes in two sizes — a smaller one-bedroom loft or a larger two-bed.

Modern tiny house on wheels with sliding door and wood paneling, featured in a Nifty article

The home is waterproof, earthquake-resistant, and it comes with a furnished kitchen and bathroom. (You'll need to set up electricity and water.)

Interior of a tiny home showing kitchen, stairs to loft bed, and bathroom under loft

And there's a living room! All for $22,999.

A cozy nook with a sofa set against a house-shaped wooden frame, blending modern design with comfort

If you're not into the modern vibe, there's also a prefabricated container home in a farmhouse style.

Blue tiny house with gabled roof and front deck surrounded by grass

The floor plan caters more to families or roommates, whereas the previous loft-bed style may attract travelers. Likewise, this tiny home comes in two size options — a two-bedroom with a half bath or a three-bedroom with a half bath. And it's insulated! All for $17,990.

A modern, compact studio apartment layout with designated areas for living, kitchen, bed, and bath

Would you live in a tiny container home? Let us know why or why not in the comments.