People Are Going Wild For Stanley Tucci's "Breakfast Pasta"

stanley tucci breakfast pasta
Stanley Tucci Makes "Breakfast Pasta"@stanley.tucci

Everyone know that when it comes to food and drink, what Stanley Tucci says, goes.

However, when he posted a recent video on TikTok documenting his recipe for breakfast pasta casserole, it's fair to say a few eyebrows were raised.

The foodie actor posted the video on his TikTok account last week, and it's already had over 4.5 million views.

Shot in his home kitchen, the video shows Stanley using leftover Farfalle pasta to make a pasta casserole.

He says he "sauteed garlic, onion, pancetta, and some peas and then put them into a little casserole dish with the pasta and then bechamel and mixed it all up." He then put little knobs of butter on the top (yum) and parmesan. The pasta dish is then baked in the oven until melted and crispy on the top.

Stanley says he's making the dish at 10am and captions the video with "breakfast, brunch or lunch? Not sure but it was f'ing delicious."

So, it's confirmed. Stanley says pasta for breakfast is a-OK.

The dish he pulls out of the worktop oven (which also looks cool, can we get a product link next time please, Stanley) looks well tasty, so we can see why he'd be digging in at any time of day.

The Lovely Bones and The Devil Wears Prada actor became well known for his foodie videos during lockdown, and the internet went particularly wild for his controversial Negroni recipe that used a coupe glass instead of the classic tumbler. As we said, what Stanley Tucci says, goes...