People Have A LOT To Say About This Couple Who Invented "Bottle Night"

It seems as if everyone is up in arms over "bottle night."

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It all started when this man posted how he and his girlfriend do "bottle night."

Twitter: @collin_ruth89

It's simple enough: He and his girlfriend lock their phones, turn off the TV, grab a bottle of wine, and talk.

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This was enough to cause quite a keyboard war.

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The post went viral.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @TyBeauchesne5

"This dude thinks he and his girlfriend 'invented' getting drunk and hanging out," one person said.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @BoozeBlogsChuck

"[W]ow, a pioneer," another person jokingly stated.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @shane1409

Other people brought up that this type of binge drinking has always been a thing.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @ihatethiskid

"We called this Edward 40 Hands back in my day," this booze connoisseur said.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @emesola

"We just called it 'Friday,'" another alcohol enthusiast chimed in.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @a_pov

Other people were like, "How about no."

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This person said, "We just usually sit in bed and talk about our day or share hot takes or gossip a little lol."

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @blvckgovt

"Usually my wife and I just have conversations pretty much every day... sober," another person added.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @BelchaGrace

BUT not everyone was so doom and gloom about the whole thing.

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"my hot take is I think this sounds like a great time," this person named "corndog millionaire" said.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @karluizballer

"i'm on his side you guys don't need to be mean," another person interjected.

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @violinbee01

ULTIMATELY, I'm just wondering how they took that damn pic if their phones were locked away...

Twitter: @collin_ruth89 / Via Twitter: @cannonbotE

Thoughts? Feelings of rage? Concerns?