People Can't Get Over FBI Agent's Bizarre ‘Disguise’ In A ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

It seems like the CBS prop department was low on Groucho glasses.

On Sunday, “60 Minutes” aired a segment about Havana Syndrome — a mysterious condition that patients say causes extreme headaches and makes them hear piercing sounds. Being that the majority of people who say they’ve been affected by the condition are U.S. diplomats, media reporting on Havana Syndrome has relied on government employees.

Sunday’s “60 Minutes” featured an FBI agent named “Carrie.” Because Carrie is an active agent, host Scott Pelley said, her last name had been redacted and she would appear on the show in disguise.

Yet, when Carrie sat down for an interview, it didn’t seem like she was wearing a disguise at all — except perhaps some makeup and a wig.

HuffPost has reached out to “60 Minutes” for clarification on whether or not other aspects of Carrie’s appearance were disguised, but did not receive an immediate response.

Regardless of whether or not Carrie was actually in disguise, her look distracted viewers. So much so, that when a clip of her interview made its way on to X, formerly Twitter, the day before April Fools, users expressed bewilderment and cracked a few jokes.

Read the best ones below: