People Aren’t Happy About Vanity Fair’s Margot Robbie Cover

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Vanity Fair’s cover article on Margot Robbie has caused quite a stir lately - but not for reasons you might assume.

Writer Rich Cohen has been labelled “sexist” and “creepy” on Twitter for describing the 26-year-old Australian actress as a “girl next door” and comparing her to a “second-semester freshman”.


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Branded as a sexist article and one that perpetuates lazy stereotypes about Australia on Twitter, Roxane Gay, writer and bestselling author of book Bad Feminist was one person to call him out, saying:

“I mean… she’s a 26 year old movie star. The only freshmen is the guy with his d**k in his hand, aka Rich Cohen.”


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“We don’t need to cry for them but can you IMAGINE how many gross men hot movie stars have to endure?”

At one point in the piece Cohen describes the Wolf Of Wall Street star as “one of Scorsese’s women”.

Australian actor Josh Lawson called the writing “slimy” and “lecherous” and “so gross in so many ways”.

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People are also angry with Cohen for his description of Australia, in which he called it a country of “throwback people”:

“Australia is America 50 years ago, sunny and slow, a throwback, which is why you go there for throwback people,” he says in the article.


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