People Are Loving This Little Girl’s Deep Snapchat About Potatoes

A little girl’s snap chat about how people are like potatoes is breaking the internet [Photo: Giphy]

Just leave it to a 12-year-old girl to sort out the world. Little Noor’s deep as heck musings on how ‘people are like’ potatoes are currently breaking the Internet after her sister shared her Snapchats on Twitter.

The snaps came about after the girl’s sister, Maria asked Noor to help her peel some potatoes for a Shepherds Pie, as you do. When she later looked on Snapchat, she saw her sister had turned the chore into sort of life lesson that’s pretty profound, not to mention totally spot on.


[Photo: Twitter/@mxxaria]

Taking to Twitter to share the adorable snaps, Maria explained what was behind the images. “I asked my sister to peel the potatoes and look what was on her Snapchat story.”

The first image showed a close up of a potato with the caption: “People are like potatoes. The colour of skin or having marks doesn’t matter.”

Noor’s next snap showed two peeled potatoes next to an unpeeled one. “Because they’re all the same once the skin is removed,” the caption read.

See what we mean. Deep huh?


[Photo: Twitter/@mxxaria]

People have been pretty touched by the message and since sharing earlier this week they have been favourited a whopping 22K times and retweeted more than 27K times.

“Most inspiring thing I’ve seen today,” one woman tweeted.

“This is beautiful yet so funny because now I know that we are all potatoes,” added another fan.


[Photo: Twitter/@mxxaria]

The rookie philosopher had also changed the family group chat icon on Snapchat to a picture of a heart shaped potato.

Something in your eye? Yeah, us too!

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