"Don’t Worry So Much About This": People In Their 30s Are Sharing Specific Things They Wish They Knew In Their 20s That Would've Made Their Lives Much, Much Easier

"Don’t Worry So Much About This": People In Their 30s Are Sharing Specific Things They Wish They Knew In Their 20s That Would've Made Their Lives Much, Much Easier

Hindsight is always 20/20 after the fact, especially regarding life. It's easy to look back and wish you did things differently OR be happy about some of your decisions. So I was intrigued when I came across this Reddit thread that asked people, "What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had received at 20 that would have made your life easier?" Here is some of the helpful advice people shared:

1."Being 'smart' does not mean you'll thrive in scientific learning and work. Play to your strengths, not your expectations."


2."Don’t just learn the right things from the right people. Some of the best lessons in life come from observing what not to do with the wrong people."


3."There is no point in your life where you don’t have stress, problems, or struggles. It’s all a matter of mindset, and how you deal with it that makes it easier."


4."90% of the people in your life are temporary so do what makes you happy and makes your life better. Don’t worry so much what others may think about you."

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5."Don't be afraid of being alone — it's better than living with someone who makes you wild."


6."Just because someone asks you a question doesn't mean you have to answer it."


7."Don't let your happiness depend solely on someone else."

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8."There is a voice inside you that knows when you're doing things because you actually want to (versus out of obligation, fear, envy, a desire to impress people, etc.), and you can learn to tune into that voice. That voice may not always tell you what you want to hear — sometimes, it will tell you what you least want to hear, but it will NEVER make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable. And if you get the ability to listen to that voice, then you should try to follow its advice, no matter what."


9."Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you need a mental health day, take it. Money comes back, but pushing yourself until you mentally break WILL catch up to you."


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10."Be the best wing man to your future self. Don’t want to put that shirt away now? Do it as a favor for your future self. Not interested in organizing documents? Do it because you love your future self and want him to succeed."


11."No fads. No fad beauty routines. No fad products. No fad fast fashion. You’ll just end up with a bunch of useless shit around your apartment, and most is not refundable. In other words, simplify your life and routine."


12."I wish someone would have told me how important credit and saving money is."

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13."Don't stay with somebody just because it's the easy and comfortable thing to do."


14."For the love of Christ, go to therapy. That shit you are carrying around in your head doesn’t make you edgy or cool. And it isn’t going to go away on its own. You need to put in the work."


15."Stay away from any type of credit card until you are responsible enough to use them."


16.And finally, "There's no shame in rest. It's very hard to give 100% when you're not at 100%."

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Is there any other advice you'd like to add to this list? Share it with me in the comments below!