Pedro Pascal's ~intense~ Starbucks order is going viral, for good reason

pedro pascal's intense starbucks order is going viral
Pedro's ~intense~ Starbucks order is going viralNBC - Getty Images

If you've ever debated whether having a second or third coffee in one day was too much, then worry not, as Pedro Pascal just made a case for having more caffeine than you ever thought was humanly possible.

It all started when a fan took to TikTok to share an encounter they had with The Last Of Us star outside a Starbucks. In the clip, the fan asks Pedro for an autograph and he obliges, they have a little chit-chat and then Pedro gets on with his day. So far, so normal.

But, it didn't take fans long to notice something strange about the TikTok. Zooming in on Pedro's Starbucks cup, fans uncovered that the actor's coffee order is quite (read: very) intense. Yep, his order is literally just six shots of espresso on ice.

"Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order is crazy, is he okay?" one fan tweeted in response, as another wrote: "I need to see Pedro Pascal after he drinks that Starbucks order. I gotta see what he gets done."

"As a barista I feel like my work would make me sign a legal waiver before handing Pedro Pascal his Starbucks order," a third fan tweeted, as another asked: "When are we all rolling up to Starbucks to get Pedro Pascal's order and having a collective heart attack?"

And it seems that some fans decided to do just that. "So I tried Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order and honestly, how are either of us still alive," someone said, with another putting: "I tried Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order and my heart almost gave out."

So, how much caffeine is too much caffeine? According to the experts over at the British Heart Foundation: "While there is often concern about the links between caffeine and heart health, a moderate amount of tea or coffee (four or five cups a day) should be fine for most people."

"Although drinking coffee has been shown to increase blood pressure, this effect is usually temporary and is minimised over time if you drink caffeinated drinks regularly," the experts add.

We guess fighting zombies is tiresome work, eh Pedro?

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