Peace Out Just Released Its First-Ever 'Acne-Targeted' Cleanser

Peace Out is ready to take the top spot in your skincare routine with the launch of its first-ever "acne-targeted" cleanser.

The Acne-Gel Cleanser targets breakouts, soothes irritation and strengthens the skin barrier. It can also be used to effectively remove makeup, sunscreen and dirt. The foaming face wash is formulated with 2% salicylic acid, maltobionic acid, ceramides and vitamin E to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. The salicylic acid provides a gentle exfoliation to unclog the pores and reveal a clearer, more even-toned complexion. Meahwhile, maltobionic acid helps to smooth texture, reduce dry flakey patches and bind water to the skin for deep moisture and hydration.

Lastly, the ceramide complex strengthens the skin's barrier while also calming inflamed breakouts. The cleanser is clinically proven to reduce acne by 25% after two weeks, and 45% after four weeks, the brand explains. Peace Out posted a video on its YouTube channel to reveal the new product, describing it as the key "for a bouncy, glowing and hydrated complexion."

Currently, Peace Out's star product is its Acne Healing Dots, which are hydrocolloid patches that work to reduce the appearance of pimples overnight. The brand also carries Acne Day Dots, which are a clear version of the blemish busters that were made to appear less noticeable on the skin.

Peace Out's new Acne-Gel Cleanser can be purchased on the brand's website or in Sephora stores.

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