Paul Weller rules out autobiography

Paul Weller won't write an autobiography credit:Bang Showbiz
Paul Weller won't write an autobiography credit:Bang Showbiz

Paul Weller has declared he will never document his life story in an autobiography.

The 64-year-old star of The Jam has never put pen to paper to write about his time in the music industry - and despite reaching his landmark 50th year in the business he still has no plans to commit himself to a book deal no matter how lucrative the offer might be.

When asked if he’ll ever produce an autobiography, Weller told Record Collector magazine: “Nah. No f****** way, mate.”

Despite never releasing a definitive autobiography, Weller has compiled a book of lyrics titled 'Suburban 100' as well as 'Magic: A Journal of Song' which featured his commentary on his music over the years.

During the interview, the star went on to talk about his mission to look forward instead of back as he’s determined not to become “stagnant”. He also insisted he sees experimentation with his music as a necessary part of the process - even if he loses fans along the way.

He explained: “Sometimes you have to [lose fans]. To continue in music, you have to be prepared to move forward and you have to be prepared to lose people along the way.

“I don’t mean that in a ruthless way, it’s just the way it is. If you don’t do that, you’re just stagnant and you stay where you are forever.

“What do you prove by doing that? You’d just make the same record every time. It would be f****** unbearable.”

When asked if there was any genre of music he wouldn’t be prepared to try, Weller replied: “Maybe I’d draw the line at metal. But who knows? Never say never. You’ve just got to make want you want to make, really.”