Paul Mescal Love's His Mammy's Potato Soup And Other Wild Food Choices We've Learnt About The Oscar Nominee

Paul Mescal: Irish heart throb, recent ex of Phoebe Bridgers, and now Academy Award nominee, it's safe to say he's had quite the year already.

If you were wondering what Paul might turn to in these busy times, perhaps it's a bowl of his mum's homemade soup.

Paul recently appeared on an episode of Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster to discuss his dream menu and he revealed all sorts of foodie secrets, including that no Christmas is complete in the Mescal household without his mum's broccoli, onion and potato soup.

He says he'd "eat buckets of it," and to be fair, it does sound quite tasty. Paul describes it as "not a gentle soup," which he decodes to mean not smooth AKA chunky. There's fresh broccoli, proper Irish potatoes and plenty of onion as well as double cream.

On the side, he goes for O'Donnell's bread (a wholemeal country-style loaf you can buy in Irish supermarkets) and loads of Kerrygold butter. Sounds dreamy to us.

He also reveals that he's, urm, scared of tomatoes. Apparently his fear of the little red fruits goes back to a childhood experience involving a cheese single, cheap tomato ketchup and an unkind childminder. Aw, Paul.

Mexican Coca Cola is also a favourite from the Normal People actor, who chooses to shun water (usually Ed and James ask their podcast guests to choose between still and sparkling water for their dream meal) and have a huge ice bucket filled with glass bottles of Mexican Coca Cola instead.

The London restaurant scene makes an appearance on his dream menu too, as Paul admits he's new to "foodie" foods like tinned fish and sourdough bread. But this is exactly what he chooses as his bread course for his dream meal. More specifically, the anchovies with bread and butter from East London's BRAT restaurant.

For his main, he chooses a traditional pasta carbonara that he ate once in Puglia, and he assures listeners that it was properly Italian with not a drop of cream in sight.

Things get a bit more local with the side dish, which is chicken wings from a chicken shop in Dublin called Elephant and Castle. Paul specifically wants the wings to be circa 2010s, because apparently they're "just not the same anymore."

He also revealed extremely important info on his cocktail choices: if you ever want to buy Paul a drink, it should be a whisky sour. But if you find yourself in the NoMad hotel in Covent Garden, order him a Sergeant Pepper.

For pud, he goes for a chocolate fondant lava cake (surely the pudding of all puddings?) and a skillet of cookie dough. A man with proper pudding taste, we love to see it.