Paul Hogan left 'feeble' by debilitating health issues

Crocodile Dundee icon Paul Hogan has opened up about his debilitating health issues.

In an interview for Australia's A Current Affair, the 83-year-old actor revealed that he has been diagnosed with retroperitoneal fibrosis, a rare inflammatory disorder, and a benign tumour that has wrapped around his abdominal aorta.

Hogan, who lives in Los Angeles with his 24-year-old son Chance, also recently had a pacemaker implanted and claims he is now too weak to open a jar.

"I've lost all my body fat and the muscles all shrank and the strength has come back because it left me feeble. I get Chance to open jars for me," he revealed. "Quite a few of my friends on diets hate me for it because I try and eat everything fatty and lardy you can think of. Everything they're not allowed to have. I can't put on an ounce."

Hogan was given steroids to reduce the growth, but he now needs to rebuild his strength after the health scare drastically altered his appearance.

In fact, the star believes the treatment was worse than the sickness itself.

"They shrink your muscles and they're supposed to make you fat, but I got thinner and thinner and thinner," he continued.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Hogan shared how he hopes to relocate back to his homeland at some stage.

"I'm not in the place I'm meant to be. I'd be happier if I was sort of back in Sydney permanently because I'm sort of...I'm bored here," he added.