Patsy Palmer reveals her famous red hair is turning grey and she's totally embracing it

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Patsy Palmer has revealed her red locks are turning grey and she's totally loving it, pictured here in 2014. (Getty Images)
Patsy Palmer has revealed her red locks are turning grey and she's totally loving it, pictured here in 2014. (Getty Images)

Patsy Palmer has revealed her red hair is turning grey and the iconic redhead is totally down with it.

The former EastEnders’ star told her Instagram followers she’s fully embracing the ageing process and all the changes that come with it.

Sharing an image of herself in the car wearing a denim shirt and aviator sunglasses, the 48-year-old actor used the caption to explain that she’d been noticing some changes in her skin and hair now that she’s getting older.

“My hair is going grey!!!” she wrote. “I love the way it’s going.”

The mum-of-four also pointed out that she’d spotted some further evidence of the ageing process.

“My neck is getting old and wrinkled,” she added.

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But instead of feeling sad about the changes, the star, who has relocated to Malibu, California, has chosen to embrace them.

“Just love the appreciation I have for life and how far I’ve come,” she wrote. “Thanks to god for the grace and love.”

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Since sharing her observations on social media, Palmer has been inundated by comments from fans praising her positive attitude to getting older.

“So refreshing seeing someone embrace ageing rather than trying to stop it,” one fan wrote.

“I agree too many people changing the skin that they were born in and looking completely different,” added another. “Grow old gracefully darling like you are and enjoy”.

“You are truly beautiful, embracing getting older and confident to show it off,” a third fan wrote.

“Love how you are embracing this getting older,” yet another user commented.

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Other fans shared their own experiences of going grey as a redhead.

“Us gingers will just fade to white,” one user shared.

“It’s gonna go a silvery blonde colour,” another commented

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Just being ... 🦋

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Do redheads go grey?

So what’s does happen to red hair during the ageing process?

“As a redhead myself who is now around 70% white naturally, I certainly understand the changes that the colour goes through,” explains Shona Bain, signature colourist at the Gielly Green salon in Marylebone, London.

Though there is a myth that redheads don’t go grey, Bain says it isn’t true.

“There is, however, lots of evidence to show that redheads retain their pigment a lot longer than people with other natural colours such as brunettes and blondes,” she explains.

Unlike Palmer who is choosing to embrace her new silver locks, Bain says there is a lot red heads can do to re-add the pigment when going grey.

“This varies from a super natural and temporary to longer-lasting colouring techniques. All of which can be very low maintenance,” she explains.

“If you want low maintenance but long lasting, I would suggest reverse red balayage (balayage is not just for blondes) this technique is a free-hand method that adds multi-dimensional tones back into the hair.”

Bain says this method will create a natural outcome whilst leaving a majority of grey in the hair as desired.

“A more temporary solution would be an ammonia-free colour gloss treatment. This will add pigment and shine back into the hair that gets lost when going grey,” she adds.

“Also it will Illuminate and brighten the hair.”

If you want something to use at home, she suggests Davines red colour conditioner.

“This is great for adding a pop of pigment at home to take the edge off the grey and will last a few shampoos.”

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