Patio expert’s free ‘magic’ solution to remove paving weeds ‘in minutes’ without using vinegar

Woman with a wheelbarrow walking through a garden
Removing weeds doesn't have to be a difficult process -Credit:GETTY

With the summer weather in full swing, it's more tempting than ever to venture into our gardens to embrace the sun and warmth. But as tempting as barbecues and al fresco dinners outside may be, pesky weeds can often take the appeal out of spending time on our patio and gravelled spaces.

However, while there are countless tips out there for weed removal, some chemicals might harm your garden's delicate ecosystem, so it's important to give thought and attention to exactly how you're removing any weeds.

Among common tricks to remove weeds is one which involves using white vinegar – though patio pro Simon Wardle from Armstrong Cheshire has a word of caution against this popular spray method.

Weeds in tiles
It's important to pay attention to how we remove weeds in our gardens -Credit:GETTY

"This is not always advisable, as the acid can damage the surface of the stones, particularly limestone or concrete pavers, as well as being harmful to wildlife and plants," he explained.

But don't fret as Simon's got a clever trick that's just perfect for all you tea and coffee aficionados out there and it uses boiling water from your kettle as the "perfect solution", reports the Express.

Whether you're dealing with stubborn old weeds or fresh sprouts, Simon assures that this nifty tip "will remove unsightly weeds from your patio this summer – for free".

Grass and weeds growing through cracks in patio
Paving weeds can take the beauty out of spending time outdoors -Credit:Getty

Detailing the process, he added: "This targeted method not only means your patio will end up weed-free, but it ensures there's no damage to your patio, or the environment, as there is no leftover residue left around."

According to Simon, you should be able to start seeing results from the method in a matter of minutes and the boiling water should break down the weeds with full results in hours. For maximum results, and to keep yourself and other plants safe, carry your shut kettle to the patio and aim the water at the weeds as possible, drenching them thoroughly.

Following that, all you then need to do is have a little patience and "wait for the magic to happen" - it's as easy as that.

Glass electric kettle boils on the kitchen table.
All the hack involves is a kettle and some water -Credit:Getty

Given its simple nature, the quick and easy hack works as the boiling water "scalds the weeds by killing the leaves", which are known to gather light to help the weeds grow and stay strong. Simon added that hot water can enter any crevices, which aids in dislodging the weed's roots.

While this approach is efficient for patio, driveway, and gravel weeds, there are two places where boiling water should not be used. Simon explained that gardeners should avoid using boiling water on lawn weeds, declaring that it "will kill" them. The high temperature often strips protective layers off the leaves and can even affect their roots with continuous exposure.

Gardeners should also steer clear of pouring the hot solution on weeds located near their garden plants. It turns out that hot water can harm portions of other plants it touches, particularly when they're still young.