Paris Hilton shares her son’s name and it has a special meaning

Just days after surprising fans with the announcement that she and Carter Reum had welcomed a son, Paris Hilton has revealed her little boy's name – and it has a special meaning.

"My beautiful baby boy’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum," she said in a post on Instagram, going on to explain how she came up with the name: "We planned to name him Phoenix, a name that I decided years ago."

As for what the name means, Paris shared the significance of the moniker. "Phoenix has a few good pop culture reference points, but more importantly it’s a bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again," she said. "I want my son to grow up knowing that triumph and disaster go around and come around throughout our lives, and that this should give us great hope for the future."

The heiress turned TV star turned DJ ended the post by saying: "Carter and I are so proud to welcome him into the world."

Unsurprisingly, the name went down a real treat with fans who flocked to the comments section to share their love for baby Phoenix. "Love the name," one fan said in response to the name reveal, as another wrote: "Love it!!!! Beautiful name and it suits you so well!"

"Love the name Phoenix. You guys did a good one for him," a third fan chimed into the conversation.

Earlier this week Paris opened up about the extreme lengths she was forced to go to to keep her surrogacy a secret, which included not telling her immediate family as well as wearing a disguise to the hospital where her son was born.

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