Paris Hilton Just Debuted A Brand New Shaggy Bob Haircut

paris hilton shaggy bob haircut
Paris Hilton Has Jumped Onto The Shaggy Bob TrendMichael Kovac - Getty Images

The bob haircut is inescapable and the latest to fall victim – or should I say, joyfully join the gang of celebs who are paving the way for said short haircut – is none other than Paris Hilton. Yep, that's our #sliving icon who's known for her long Barbie locks...

Late last month, the star took to her Instagram feed with a 50s Marilyn Monroe-inspired bob that, unfortunately, we later found out was a wig (read: just this weekend she had hip-skimming lengths and a fringe). However, just a mere few hours ago, Paris once again took to the 'Gram, but with a cut that looks a little more convincing.

In the video reel, Paris not only undergoes a number of outfit changes but we also see her with a shaggy hairstyle that sits just on her shoulder, as well as a chest-length lob. Now, while it would seem pretty unrealistic to undergo a haircut mid-shoot, our guess is that the latter includes a set of extensions.

What do you think?

Wig or not, there's no denying that the former cropped choppy style is very on-trend; I mean, even the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Camila Cabello, to name a few, have also both rocked the look as of late.

Oh, and not only that but with Paris' locks holding a wavy kink, we can also see that some subtle 'ghost layers' have been cut in, too.

Is there any style she can't pull off? Spoiler: the answer is no.

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