Paris Hilton on the extreme lengths she went to to keep her surrogacy secret

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Paris on extreme lengths to keep surrogacy secretMichael Kovac - Getty Images

Paris Hilton shocked fans last month when she revealed that she'd become a mum for the first time.

Taking to Instagram, the heiress turned reality TV star turned DJ announced the arrival of her and Carter Reum's son, welcomed via a surrogate. "You are already loved beyond words," Paris wrote in the caption of the post, which has racked up over 2.5 million likes.

Since then, Paris has kept the details of her family life pretty much (read: totally) under wraps – but, can you blame her? Paris has lived in the spotlight for the past four decades, and it seems only fitting that she wants to enjoy her new life as a mum away from the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

Nevertheless, in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Paris opened up about the extreme lengths she was forced to go to to keep her surrogacy a secret. Up until his arrival, Paris' baby was a secret to the world... and her family too. Only Paris, her husband and their surrogate knew about the baby, and their immediate families did not find out until just before The Simple Life star announced his arrival on Instagram.

On the day her son was born, Paris recalled putting on a brunette wig and a hoodie and checking into the hospital under a different name to avoid being noticed. Measures had to be taken after the little one's birth too. When it was time to take their son home, Paris and Carter headed back to their Beverly Hills mansion alone, having told all their staff to leave under the guise that the house was being painted.

"My entire life has been so public," Paris said. "I’ve never had anything for myself. We decided that we wanted to have this whole experience to ourselves."

She went on: "I want to protect him and to be with him every second. You have this mother instinct that kicks in, which I’ve never had before. I feel so complete now."

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