Paris Hilton’s baby curtain bangs haircut proves she's literally a work of art

I don't mind, spending some time, just staring at these pictures of Paris Hilton. The eternal icon just posted a series of photos to her Instagram page looking like a golden goddess in a sparkling molten dress, hair flowing, and she truly looks like a classical painting – a muse. But it's not just the pose or the golden gown making her look like she should be hanging in the National Portrait Gallery.

Captioning the series of photos: "Feeling: Golden 👑☀️🌟✨," at first glance you might miss her tiny little baby curtain bangs. But we're mesmerised.

The understated hair feature goes against the grain of popular lightweight feathery bangs or swooping face-framing layers, instead offering a marked and defined detail that finishes distinctly around the eye without sweeping across her forehead or fading gradually away back into the body of the hair.

It's so subtle but so present, and not a look we see often. Maybe that's why it feels like it's from a painting from another era. Someone call Shonda Rhimes about a Bridgerton cameo because it's low-key giving regency. I mean, if it wasn't paired with long swathes of glossy blonde extensions.

It looks like it could be a fringe in the process of being grown out, parted out of the way for this shoot but whatever led to it, it looks cracking.

As one fan wittily put it in the comments: "Telling my kids this was the Mona Lisa…."

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