Parents Who Take Their Kids To The Playground, Tell Us The "Red Flag" Personality Trait That You Notice Right Away In Another Parent

Going to the playground with your kid is supposed to be a fun time. But sometimes, you come across another parent who does something that makes your instinctual alarms go off.

A child is joyfully sliding down a playground slide on a sunny day, with trees and playground structures in the background
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So, if you're a parent, we want to know: "What is the parenting 'red flag' you notice right away when meeting or coming across another parent at the playground or on a playdate?"

A man with a beard sits on a park bench looking at his phone. A child in a red shirt is playing on a slide in the background
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Maybe the last time you were at the playground with your children, you noticed a parent was very cold to one of their children but completely happy with the other.

An older man and a young girl holding hands stand at the entrance of a playground, facing away from the camera. The girl is wearing a backpack
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Or perhaps you noticed that a parent was completely dismissive of another child when they wanted to play on the monkey bars, even after the kid asked politely.

A young girl wearing a dress and cardigan hangs from a monkey bar in a playground, looking determined
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Finally, maybe you actually had a confrontation with a parent, and instead of talking to you directly, they only talked to your child, which was not only confusing for you but also for your child as well.

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Also, if you notice these parenting style "red flags," does this usually indicate anything to you about the parent?

A man in a blue sweater interacts playfully with a young girl sitting on a slide. Both are smiling and appear to be enjoying the moment
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If the above resonates with you, please share with us the parenting "red flags" you notice right away after meeting or coming across a parent at a playground in the Google form or comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.