Parents can't decide how much tooth fairy money to give children

Parents are confused about how much tooth fairy money they should be giving their children. [Photo: Getty]
Parents are confused about how much tooth fairy money they should be giving their children. [Photo: Getty]

Waiting for the tooth fairy to come is a magical thing as a child. There’s anticipation, excitement and perhaps even slight nerves at the idea of a miniature fairy taking your teeth in return for money.

As a parent, though, it’s not so magical.

One woman took to social media to joke that her child has more disposable income than her.

Another man commented: “Little girl got £45 for four teeth. Those four teeth were worth £1 in my day.”

Yes, it seems even the tooth fairy has seen the effects of inflation. The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, which has been recording rates since 1998, saw an all-time high average in 2016.

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The going rate reached a whopping £3.56 per child. That’s a 75 per cent increase on 2015. 2016 must have been a great year for teeth.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, British children currently get an average of £1.58 per tooth.

As the Oral Health Foundation suggests, the price of milk teeth is on the decrease. In fact, the price of a lost tooth has been steadily declining since 2016.

Despite this, a little more than a third of children still receive upwards of £3.80 per tooth.

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The tooth fairy business might be a minefield, but one parent’s popular tweet summed up how we all feel.

She said: “Oh, you lost, your tooth? With only five minutes before bedtime? The tooth fairy must be thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I’m sure she didn’t have anything else to do tonight. This is just so, so great.”

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Parents came flooding to the woman’s aid with advice. Everything from “keeping an envelope of cash next to the bed” to “tooth fairy IOUs” were suggested as tips to help out the over-worked tooth fairy.

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