Adam Thomas isn't the only parent banning his child from watching Horrid Henry

Parents are banning their kids from watching Horrid Henry [Photo: ITV]

Adam Thomas has kickstarted a parental debate about the TV programme Horrid Henry and whether or not kids should be allowed to watch it.

The ‘Emmerdale’ actor took to Twitter to ask if other parents had stopped their children from watching the popular kids show?

“Anyone else banned there [sic] kid from watching horrid Henry or is it just us?” he wrote.

The 30-year-old went on to explain that his three-year-old son, Teddy’s behaviour seemed to deteriorate after watching the programme.

“Ted’s literally turned into Horrid Henry,” he quipped.

But other parents were quick to comment that they too had banned their children from watching the show after they started copying the character’s behaviour.

“I did!!!! My daughter turned into a right little bugger watching that” one parent wrote.

“Banned mine years ago. Absolute shite and no moral message whatsoever. Don’t even let her touch the books,” added another.

A third agreed, writing: “My daughter thinks she’s horrid Henry, I’ve had to stop her watching it she’s turned into a little monster…”

Parents are banning their kids from watching Horrid Henry [Photo: ITV]

“I had to ban my two as well!!! It’s awful! They were coming out with all sorts from moody Margaret!!!” yet another user commented.

Other parents also shared tales of what their children got up to after watching the show, with one writing: “Me!! My daughter put a cup of water on top of the bedroom door and I got absolutely soaked on Sunday!! #Nomorehorridhenry”.

Parents are banning their kids from watching Horrid Henry [Photo: ITV]

“Yep, after my daughter ran around calling people a smelly nappy baby,” another added.

“Yes when my child started pulling his teeth out because he needed some money!” a third parent tweeted.

Horrid Henry is a series of 24 children’s books written by Francesca Simon. The misdemeanors of Henry, his much-taunted brother Perfect Peter and his friends Sour Susan and Moody Margaret have become a publishing phenomenon with two thirds of all five to eight year olds owning a Horrid Henry story or tape of the spin-off ITV children’s TV show.

A film of Horrid Henry was also made back in 2011 starring Theo Stevenson as the titular character alongside Richard E Grant, Anjelica Hudson, Noel Fielding and Mathew Horne.

Adam isn’t the only parent to raise concern over the TV show, a quick google throws up hundreds of examples of parents turning to forums to ask if they are being unreasonable to ban the show.

“I have 3 sons who love watching Horrid Henry. But I hate Horrid Henry,” one mum wrote on Mumsnet earlier this year. “I think he’s a horrible little brat of a boy who speaks horribly to his parents, does all manner of horrible things, but always seems to come out on top. One of my kids in particular has started speaking like Horrid Henry and it drives me crazy.”

She went on to ask if she’s right to stop them watching it and was inundated with replies from other parents expressing their own concerns about children viewing the show.

There’s even a Facebook page calling for the banning of the programme.

Despite some parents objecting to the programme, others believe the show should be taken in the fun tongue-in-cheek spirit it is meant.

“Aww let him watch it, my son was horrid Henry and he used to call his sister perfect Peter, he will grow out of it trust me,” one user responded to Adam’s tweet.

Parents are banning their kids from watching Horrid Henry [Photo: ITV]

Indeed, the author of the books once explained that Henry’s appeal for little ones is his horridness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate to children’s behaviour.

“Kids love Henry because they get all the thrill of the bad behaviour without any of the consequences,” she told Sunday Express.

“Children read them and laugh because the characters express things they feel, but at the same time they know it’s not right to behave that way.”

In the words of Henry himself “It’s not faaaaaaaaair!”

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