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Pandora's Lunar New Year collection is so good — trust me, I'm a shopping editor

Channel good fortune with these special-edition charms, bracelets & more.

Shop Pandora's Lunar New Year collection to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. (Photos via Pandora)
Shop Pandora's Lunar New Year collection to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. (Photos via Pandora)

Pandora's Lunar New Year collection is here — and it's a stunning way to honour the Year of the Dragon. From enchanting dragon symbols to lucky red envelopes, there's tons of special pieces — and they start under $100. Keep scrolling to explore the collection.

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When is Lunar New Year 2024?

Lunar New Year's date changes every year — this year, get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Welcome prosperity and luck in the new year with this elegant 14k gold-plated Year of the Dragon charm. This creature represents good fortune, strength, power, wisdom and health.

$95 at Pandora

This chic woven bracelet is made with bold red leather and features an 18k gold-plated clasp; it's the perfect solo piece or base for your favourite charms. Available in three sizes.

$100 at Pandora

In Chinese numerology, the number six is seen as lucky and symbolizes good fortune. Having three sixes in a row is often considered a blessing. This charm includes three different tiles that represent the number six for ultimate luck.

$100 at Pandora

This set of the iconic 14k gold-plated Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet and the Chinese Year of the Dragon Charm will help you carry everything the dragon represents with you — good fortune, health and wisdom.

$325 at Pandora

This red envelope charm is a traditional symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. The word on it means "peace" or "safe and sound."

$85 at Pandora

Add to your charm collection with this Two-tone Fú Spinning Dangle Charm, featuring the Fú symbol in spinning 14k gold-plated and sterling silver circles with a cut-out ancient script.

$130 at Pandora

This enchanting sterling silver necklace showcases a detailed dragon pendant in 14k-gold plating, embellished with a row of sparkling pavé along its body.

$175 at Pandora

This red envelope charm features a raised character Fú, which symbolizes "wealth" and "abundance." It'll add a meaningful touch to your Pandora charm collection.

$100 at Pandora

Bring fortune into your life with this unique spinning charm — it has the Chinese character for "Lucky" in red stones on the front and engraved on the backside.

$110 at Pandora

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