What to Pack for a Ski Trip So You Can Hit the Slopes in Style

From the peaks to après-ski, we've got you covered.

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Whether you’re a first-time skier or could breeze down a double diamond with your eyes closed, the clothes and accessories you should pack for a ski trip remain the same. Aside from sports gear like goggles, a helmet, boots, and bindings, many of which you can rent on-site during your trip, there are a few key items that are essential must-haves for any skiing or snowboarding adventure.

Rest assured, the comprehensive list ahead doesn’t skimp on fashion. We scoured the internet to find ski jackets, base layers, and snow pants that bridge the gap between snowproof utility and fashion-forward design. Read on for the eight ski trip essentials that'll keep you snowproof and stylish the next time you hit the slopes.

Ski Pants

<p>Brunello Cucinelli</p>

Brunello Cucinelli

Ski and snowboarding pants aren't the most exciting part of a ski trip wardrobe, but they're among the most essential layers. Despite their bulk, don't leave home — for a sporty winter vacay — without them. That said, thanks to brands like Brunello Cucinelli that balance utility with quiet luxury, you don't have to abandon your personal style when it comes to ski pants.

A Ski Jacket



Another ski trip outerwear essential, ski jackets are, like their pants equivalent, less about looks and more about usefulness. That said, there's no shame in aiming for an elevated matching ski pants and jacket set. Alternatively, you can opt for a stylish statement ski jacket like the one above from luxury ski brand Fulsap's limited edition collaboration with Swarovski.

A Cozy Pull-Over



One of the most important factors when packing for a ski trip is to keep layering front of mind. Sure, where there's snow, there's cold weather, but skiing or snowboarding is an intense activity and you'll want to have layers you can shed or add before boarding the lift for the next double black diamond trail. A soft and durable half-zip top like Halfday's Piper Fleece is a perfect piece to wear under your ski jacket and over your base layers.

Base Layers

<p>Perfect Moment</p>

Perfect Moment

Having breathable base layers is just as important as having weatherproof outer layers when it comes to your ski or snowboarding uniform. Streamline your packing process by going with a set of thermals like Perfect Moment's moisture-wicking base layer leggings and top.

Mittens or Gloves



We don't know if you know, but – spoiler alert! — snow is cold and your extremities are the first to feel the chill. Even if you strip down to just a sweater while skiing, you're going to want your hands protected in a pair of gloves or mittens. Happily, this is one accessory that can double as useful and glamorous. Case in point: the ultra-insulated Goldbergh Hill Mittens. They're waterproof, breathable, and playful thanks to their faux fur backing.

A Scarf



Even if you plan to stick to the bunny hill, you'll want to keep your ears and face safe from whipping winds. While winter hats are on theme, they don't exactly mesh with helmets. Ergo, a scarf should definitely make its way into your ski trip suitcase.

We especially love an extra-long scarf like Tercette's cocoon scarf that doubles as a practical choice on the slopes and a chic fashion accessory off the mountain. Double it up and tuck it into your ski jacket or wrap it around your shoulders, infinity scarf style, for downtime at the lodge.

A Luxe Sweater

<p>White + Warren</p>

White + Warren

In addition to packing tops you can wear during your downhill winter sport of choice, we recommend adding a chunky knit sweater — or two if you've got room to spare in your luggage — that you can easily change into for any après-ski dining or cocktail hour. When worn with snow boots and leggings, a luxurious, oversized sweater gives off an elevated vibe while still falling into the realm of ski trip-appropriate attire.

Snow Boots



When you're not strapped to your snowboard or buckled into your skis, you'll be glad you packed footwear that can withstand snow, salt, and slush. Weatherproof boots with plenty of traction on the soles and a roomy enough shaft to fit comfortably over doubled-up leggings are our go-to choice.

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Worried about wrecking your favorite pair of suede snow boots? Give them a quick waterproof treatment before you pack.

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