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Over 10k Amazon shoppers purchased this $16 caffeinated serum this month to 'instantly revive' tired eyes

Looking a little run-down, no matter how much sleep you get? Feeling puffy? It may surprise you, but the solution to your tired-eye woes just might lie in your morning cup of joe. No, not coffee — caffeine. Caffeine is an emerging element in many skincare formulas, especially those that work to brighten and rejuvenate your body's most zonked-out areas, like under your eyes. Currently, Amazon has one of their top-selling eye serums, the Dongyu 5% Caffeine Eye Serum, on sale for $16 (down from $20) — and it contains a pleasant pop of the ingredient to help refresh dark circles, smooth fine lines and provide lasting hydration.

High-end eye serums can set you back a pretty penny, but at a mere $16 now (down from $20) with the on-page coupon, you'll save big on this de-puffing eye-brightener — so even if you just can't help being a night owl, you don't have to spend a ton of money trying to look like a fresh and well-rested early bird. Plus, we've never seen it go lower than this price, so if you'd like to try it, now is the time.

Do you wake up looking even more tired than when you went to sleep? Does your "beauty rest" end with dark circles and puffy eyes, no matter how many hours you manage to conk out for? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, the Dongyu 5% Caffeine Eye Serum might be a great option for you.

It contains a variety of skin-loving ingredients, including hyaluronic acid — known for its skin-moisturizing, age-combating properties — along with niacinamide (which can help prevent dark circles thanks to its antioxidant capabilities), hexapeptide (which is thought to have hydrating, wrinkle-reducing properties) and, most importantly and obviously, caffeine!

This caffeine doesn't come in a mug; it's part of the serum itself, making up 5% of the formula. But does caffeine in a cream really wake you up (at least visually) like caffeine in your belly does? It seems quite possible. In studies examining the ingredient in skincare, positive changes have been noted: "After four weeks, the skin around the right eye of all the subjects experienced a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and dark circles, and from a subjective point of view, the appearance and elasticity of the skin were improved," concluded one investigation of caffeine's application on the under eyes. Caffeine also has antioxidant properties, so when added to skin care, it may help protect your skin from the damaging effects of oxidation, including culprits such as UV rays and pollution.

The brand suggests applying the serum to under-eyes twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, for the best results. Application is simple: Thanks to the serum's stainless steel rollerball applicator, it's easy to evenly roll it onto skin, with the rollerball delivering both a cooling and massaging effect in the process.

Take it from our Senior Beauty Editor, Jennifer Romolini — this serum is the real deal. "Caffeine is one of the few ingredients that has been clinically proven to reduce under-eye wrinkles and lighten dark circles. ... And at under $20, [this] is a solid skin care deal," Jennifer wrote.

Dongyu Caffeine Eye Serum roller bottle
Perk up your peepers with a little caffeine boost — no Keurig required. (Amazon)

Over 10,000 Amazon shoppers added the Dongyu 5% Caffeine Eye Serum to their carts this past month — and more than 3,700 reviewers have given the serum an eye-opening five-star rating.

"It is like a mini spa for your eyes at home!" marveled one devotee. "So refreshing and the roller not only is cool to the touch, but acts as a massager, bringing blood flow to the area. Have used it for a week and can start seeing the change in puffiness. I work long hours in front of a computer and this gel help me alleviate my eye strain."

Another megafan shared why they decided to try the serum: "Problem: Waking up with puffy, raccoon-like eyes was my daily struggle. Solution: A dab of this magic under the eyes. Result: I look a decade younger — no exaggeration! Seriously, it's a game-changer." A similarly-minded shopper agreed: "After a week of use I can definitely say this caffeine serum made me look as if I took away 20 years from my face."

One intrepid adventurer wrote that the serum is an invaluable resource to them during their extensive travels. "Dongyu Under Eye Serum is a travel must-have! The compact design and cooling roller-ball applicator make it perfect for on-the-go use, instantly reviving tired, jet lagged eyes. Its caffeine formula reduces dark circles, and hydrating ingredients keep skin smooth, even with the stress of travel. It's like a mini spa treatment for your eyes, wherever you are. 5 stars for keeping me looking fresh, no matter the time zone!"

A reviewer did note that "The instructions are confusing but if you use skincare products, you know what to do anyway," adding, "The rollerball made it easy to apply and it soaks in right away when I rub it in. My eyes started to get less puffy within a day or two. ... Works quickly."

"I use it day and night and, for me (a 75-year-old), it really helps," added another user, noting, "The only thing is it has a silver coating on the below-eye area where you dispense it. Until it wears off, you may have a small area of silver [coloring] below your eye, but it's not a big deal. Easy enough to remove and that coating wears off soon enough."

Travelers love it, too: "Keeps me looking fresh, no matter the time zone," raved one on-the-go reviewer.

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