Outfit inspo is around every corner in NYC’s Greenwich Village

greenwich village
greenwich village

Greenwich Village in NYC is a haven for trendy, eccentric fashion choices. In this episode of ITK: Fit Check, our host and resident fashionista Aimee Kelly (@byaimeekelly) takes us for a stroll through Washington Square Park as she chats with some of the area’s most trendy residents.

Aimee explains that retro looks stay alive in Washington Square Park. She adds, “Whether you’re looking to get inspired by the ’70s, ’80s or Y2K fashion, this is the place to be.”

Dressed in a green plisse maxi skirt, an oversized green blazer, Nike high-top sneakers and vintage jewelry, Aimee says that her outfit is inspired by Greenwich Village, with a little bit of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. She is dressed the part to explore the hub of Greenwich Village, ready to catch the styles of other New Yorkers in the area.

First chats with fashionable New Yorker Alice, who is wearing a graphic Siberia Spirit hoodie with a black Miu Miu mini skirt, knee-high socks and Comme des Garcons x Doc Martens boots. Alice says of this outfit, “I see people in the craziest outfits walking around, and I think, ‘I want that!’ But now I am here, I am entering “Queer Maximalism” ever so slowly, just seeping my way into it.”

In another section of Washington Square Park, Aimee speaks with Neils, whose time in New York is actually nearly over. Neils wears a Rolling Stones T-shirt under a black leather jacket and has a leopard-print Amiri belt topping a pair of slim-leg jeans. Neils also has leopard print-painted nails to match the statement accessory. “I wanted to have a more dress-up outfit, but also a more comfy outfit. So I just keep this on all day, from my meetings but also to night,” Neils says.

“What inspires you to dress the way you dress?” Aimee asks a New Yorker named Stephen.

“The first 29 years of my life weren’t great,” Stephen says. “My teenage years definitely weren’t great. You know, I’m a gay man growing up in the ’80s. So, I guess I kind of dress the way I wish I could have dressed back then. I’m not afraid to let people see me. I want people to see me. I’m still here.”

Watch the latest installment of ITK: Fit Check to see Greenwich Village for yourself, and catch more of Aimee’s chats with fashionable New Yorkers.

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