Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain 'are like flatworms'

Oscar Isaac loves working with Jessica Chastain credit:Bang Showbiz
Oscar Isaac loves working with Jessica Chastain credit:Bang Showbiz

Oscar Isaac has likened his on-screen chemistry with Jessica Chastain to a pair of flatworms.

The 43-year-old actor has starred alongside Jessica, 45, in 'A Most Violent Year' and 'Scenes from a Marriage', and Oscar believes they've developed a unique connection.

The Hollywood star - whose has also starred in films such as 'Inside Llewyn Davis' and 'Ex Machina' - told SiriusXM’s 'The Jess Cagle Show': "I was just watching this video of this guy, it’s like a Ted Talk, talking about these little … flatworms. You can cut them into like 100 pieces and they will grow a whole new worm out of the little piece.

"So they’re basically kind of immortal and they’ve been doing work at the cellular level where they’re seeing that the cells kind of talk to each other through electricity and kind of decide, ‘Okay you’re going to make the head. I’m going to make the tail.’ They’re communicating through some sort of like electro kind of magnetic situation.

"If you interfere with these [worms], you can make them grow two heads and they’ll continue to do that. It’s not DNA. It’s just at the cellular level.

"That’s how Jessica and I kind of talk to each other. We’re just like, little flatworms."

Oscar can feel the on-screen chemistry that he's developed with the actress over a period of time.

And he even likened their on-screen partnership to growing "two heads".

The acclaimed actor reflected: "No matter how much we annoy each other, no matter what happens, it’s like, when you get us together, it’s just other stuff that’s going on that is making us grow two heads."