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Is this $13 anti-aging serum from The Ordinary really 'Botox in a bottle'? My mom and I put it to the test

Shoppers are obsessed with this affordable anti-aging product. But does it live up to the hype?

author and her mom trying the ordinary serum
My mom and I both put this $13 anti-aging serum from The Ordinary to the test. Here's what we thought. (Photos via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

Aging is a natural part of life — but if you're not so into fine lines and wrinkles, you might want to check out The Ordinary's Argireline Solution 10% Serum for Facial Wrinkles. The affordable serum has been dubbed "Botox in a bottle" by shoppers — and at only $13, it's a pretty affordable alternative to the injectable treatment.

The brand's website categorizes it as a "non-injective solution for dynamic lines" specifically designed to target signs of aging. The serum almost seems too good to be true, so both my mom — who's in her 60s — and I decided to put it to the test to see if it lives up to the claims. Scroll down for our honest review.

The Ordinary's Argireline Solution serum is formulated to target skincare concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to an Argireline Peptide Complex. As outlined on Sephora, this complex allegedly helps improve the overall appearance of the eye area and forehead, which are two prominent spots on the face that are most prone to creasing or developing folds in the skin.

This affordable serum also features a lightweight texture.

For best results, it's recommended to apply a few drops to the forehead and around the eye area twice a day. As The Ordinary's website suggests, you can incorporate this product into your routine after cleansing and before applying any anhydrous serums, oils, suspensions, or creams. also recommends avoiding the use of products featuring Direct acids, Direct/Ethylated Vitamin C, and Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% in the same skincare regimen as The Ordinary's Argireline Solution contains Peptides.

As someone in her 60s, my mom is always on the hunt for new products to help target fine lines and wrinkles, so she was excited to give The Ordinary's Argireline Solution a go.

This was her skin in the morning before she applied the serum — right after cleansing.

someone standing against a door with a fresh face and no makeup
Fresh face, no makeup on my mom. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

She then applied a few drops of the Argireline Solution to her forehead and around the eye area, as recommended.

someone standing against a door showing their complexion after using the ordinary product
After applying a few drops of The Ordinary Argireline Solution. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

Although she didn't notice a drastic physical change, my mom did note that the product felt tightening upon application, firming her skin after use.

Then, it was my turn.

As a 27-year-old, I have always been curious about elevating my skincare routine and have become increasingly interested in finding preventative products that can reduce the look of fine lines as I age.

someone standing against a door with a fresh face and no makeup
Fresh face, no makeup. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

As a result, I was eager to put The Ordinary's Argireline Solution to the test to see if it would actually work on both young and mature skin.

Similarly to my mom, I applied a few drops of the lightweight serum to my forehead and eye area after cleansing.

someone standing against a door after applying a few drops of The Ordinary Argireline Solution
After applying a few drops of The Ordinary Argireline Solution. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

I, too, immediately noticed a tightening sensation after application but no immediate physical results- except for my skin appearing to look slightly smoother. It's important to note that it is recommended to use this product twice daily, so we will likely see improved results through more consistent use.

This affordable serum has a 4.1-star rating on Sephora, based on more than 350 customer reviews.

"Love this product," raved one shopper who deemed it "a staple" for them. "I'm on my third bottle," they added.

One 72-year-old customer who has "spent thousands on expensive products" said, "I believe I found the holy [grail with] this stuff!" They said that after "a few weeks," their "fine lines have lessened," and their "deeper lines have softened" — even their "neck wrinkles."

However, other shoppers claimed to have not seen any "noticeable improvements" after use, alleging that the product does not minimize the appearance of wrinkles as claimed.

It's worth noting that some skincare solutions take a couple of weeks to perform, so we decided to consistently use this product day and night, as recommended, to see if it garners any notable results. Consistency seems to be key when it comes to The Ordinary's Argireline Solution, as verified by other Sephora shoppers who have used and loved the product.

Here's what we noticed after diligently using The Ordinary's Argireline Solution day and night for the past two weeks:

someone standing in front of a door showing the results of the ordinary product
After testing The Ordinary's Argireline Solution For two weeks. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

Although my mom didn't notice a significant physical difference in her appearance, she did note that her skin felt smoother. For the price, she found that The Ordinary's Argireline Solution was definitely worth a try, and she will continue to use the product to monitor how her skin looks over time.

someone standing in front of a door in a tshirt
After using The Ordinary Argireline Solution for two weeks. (Photo via Samantha Vecchiarelli)

After two weeks of consistent use, I, too, didn't notice a huge difference in the way my skin looked. However, I don't have excessive fine lines or wrinkles, so I may consider this to be more of a preventative skincare product in my everyday beauty routine. That said, I did appreciate how smooth my skin felt after use.

I agree that this product is worth the hype in terms of the price tag if you're looking for an affordable way to improve skin smoothness and firmness.

Even though it truthfully may be too early to claim that this product is "Botox in a bottle," our opinions may change after more consistent use, so we recommend giving it a fair shot (no pun intended) if you're looking to try it out yourself.

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