Only a few 2020 US presidential candidates are using a basic email security feature

Zack Whittaker
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    Think about this for a second! IF the democratic candidates don't care enough about their own email traffic, why would anyone vote for them to secure this nation? If your own private info is easily up for grabs, what do you honestly thing national security would be like under any of them? Just blame somebody, anybody, if you get hacked and secret and even top secret info gets is the latest easy way out now!
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    How many are using 'password' as their password.
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    But still use google or something. Email is not encrypted on the servers or in the cloud
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    El Duderino
    This is Al Gore's fault because he invented the internet.
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    The Yahoo click bait title for this article is: "Basic Security Feature Neglected By WH . . ." -- and the actual article is about Democrats failing to use basic security for their emails . . . No wonder people don't trust the media - Trump bashing on everything simply makes people immune to the media altogether (real or fake). Great job, Yahoo.
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    The DNC hopes they get hacked so they can blame it on Trump and the Russians ?
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    America is greater without Obama/ Hilary dnc.
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    It’s trumps fault evidently
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    I'm sure the presidents email security is probably the best in the world, no matter who is the president.
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    Fredo Cuomo
    Doesn't matter - Russians already are the de facto excuse for losing 2020 for dems
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    All good, when they get hacked they can blame it on Trump and the Russians