Online Covid-19 vaccine calculator estimates when you could get the jab

Now that coronavirus vaccines are being administered to people across the UK you may be wondering when you will get your chance to receive the jabs.

Well thanks to the brainy team at Omni Calculator, a tech firm who build online calculators to help with everyday problems, you can get more of an idea.

Users of their Vaccine Queue Calculator for the UK are asked to input their age and a number of other factors, such as if they are a health worker or if they have any underlying health conditions.

The calculator will then generate a notional number as to where they stand in terms of vaccine priority.

The calculator is not connected to the NHS or the vaccine rollout programme, but its estimations are based on a detailed list set out by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

The JCVI have been working out the prioritisation list for the vaccine based on data detailing who suffers the worst outcomes from COVID-19.