The One Thing Guy Fieri Never Wants for Dinner

Plus we found out the national dish of Flavortown.

You probably know Guy Fieri as the host of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" on Food Network and the official Mayor of Flavortown. But in his latest venture, he's gaining a new title: the "Sauce Boss" or "Condiment King." Fieri, in partnership with Litehouse, launched a line of nine sauces including BBQ and dipping sauces like Mop Sauce and Fieri's signature Donkey Sauce.

We got a chance to chat with the "Tournament of Champions" host about the new line and even got a peek into a weeknight in the Fieri family home.

Guy Fieri Introduces New Flavortown Sauces

<p>Flavortown Sauces/Litehouse</p>

Flavortown Sauces/Litehouse

There are nine sauces in the Flavortown Sauces line:

  • Fieri's Famous Donkey Sauce

  • Top Secret Sauce

  • Honey Mustard Sauce

  • Poppin' Jalapeño Sauce

  • Kickin' Chipotle Sauce

  • Smokin' Hickory BBQ

  • Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce

  • Carolina Style BBQ Sauce

  • Money Honey BBQ Sauce

Fieri has always been of the mindset of "Go Big or Go Home" when it comes to saucing it up. In fact, in an interview with Allrecipes, he even admitted to having his own separate fridge in the Fieri house that's dedicated entirely to sauces. "They add flavor, they add spice, they add moisture, they can change something that you thought was one way and take it another way," he added.

When it comes to picking a favorite from the line, that's like picking a favorite child. "Each has its own thing," when it comes to use cases, but the Donkey Sauce is an early contender for top sauce. It's been a fan-favorite at Guy's Burger Joint locations for years. The Secret Sauce, whose recipe is purportedly "locked up in a vault at Fort Flavortown" is another fave, inspired by the myriad of fry sauces Fieri has tasted in his decade-plus run on "DDD."

Guy Fieri's Go-To Dinner

He's also found the Flavortown Sauces a permanent place in the Fieris' favorite dinner tradition: grilling. Guy told Allrecipes that rain or shine, grilling is a go-to dinner in the Fieri household: "We're always grilling." As for what else is cooking up in the Fieri family home, he confessed they rarely find themselves in a recipe rut, but if there's one thing that's never on the menu, it's breakfast for dinner.

If you have ever watched DDD or know anything about Fieri, it's that he is not a picky eater, but there is one no-no: eggs. Ever since his childhood, when Fieri ate a bad, chalky hard-boiled egg, he's struggled with the texture of eggs, Fieri told MyRecipes in 2018. In the same interview, he confessed he's "never really been a breakfast person," so it should come as no surprise that it's not a staple in the Fieri household.

He'll stick to his wife's Noodles and Beef (the dish he'd made for dinner the night before our interview), or Fieri's nomination for the national dish of Flavortown: "the All-American burger."

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