The one spot you should never place garden furniture – to avoid potential damage, warns a garden expert

 Picture of white metal dining set in a garden with eating utensils on top of it to show good garden furniture placement .
Picture of white metal dining set in a garden with eating utensils on top of it to show good garden furniture placement .

Trying to choose a spot for your garden furniture this summer but can't decide where? This garden expert has shared the one place in your garden you shouldn't choose and it may surprise you. 

Buying some of the best outdoor furniture can put you back quite a lot, so it's not unlikely that you'll want to do everything you can to prolong its lifespan. Even when you know all the budget garden furniture cleaning hacks the elements of the outdoors can still wreak havoc and damage your furniture with no hope of return.

So what can you do to lower the chances of your furniture being taken over by mould and rot? According to a garden furniture expert, it's all about the right garden furniture placement.

The spot you should never place your garden furniture

So where is this mystery location and why can't you use it for your outdoor living room ideas? Ali Woolridge, Co-founder of luxury garden furniture company, Gardenesque, says you should avoid placing outdoor dining sets and seating on your grass lawn.

Placing your garden furniture on your lawn increases its exposure to dampness and moisture which can quickly result in your furniture being rusted, mouldy or even speeding up the rotting process.

“Not only does this ruin your furniture on an aesthetic level, but it will also lead to decay over time. Even furniture of the utmost quality won’t be able to withstand prolonged exposure to dampness and moisture," explains Ali.

Even if you've avoided making all of the common mistakes when buying outdoor furniture and decided to invest in high-quality durable materials, there can be no stopping the elements. Especially when you're against the wet UK weather. Not to mention the potential lawn care mistakes of killing the grass below.

picture of three wooden and fabric deck chairs on grass
picture of three wooden and fabric deck chairs on grass

It's not just the furniture that will be damaged by the grass, your lawn with also pay the price for this placement. "It can minimise grass growth and potentially even leave you with bald patches," says Ali.

Knowing how to care for your lawn in the summer is stressful enough, so adding your garden furniture into the mix can only make matters worse. So if you've made the most of the best outdoor furniture deals and are now stuck with where to put it, Ali does have some recommendations.

"Positioning your garden furniture on a patio is best. Placing under trees and tall shrubs is fine, but it may require more regular cleaning of leaves and debris to upkeep appearances and quality," she explains. Best to clean the patio slabs in preparation.

Whilst you may be tempted to place your furniture under the shade of a tree, you may quickly be looking into how to clean wooden garden furniture or how to clean outdoor cushions with sap on them. It's best to keep your furniture as far away from possible staining and falling debris, less cleaning means more time for relaxing after all.

With cleaning in mind, Ali is also quick to suggest investing in some good quality furniture covers. She says well-fitted covers are key to keeping your furniture clean and fresh when you're not using them, especially over the winter months.

Enzeno Outdoor Garden Furniture Set Cover: £37.99 at Amazon 

This cover is not only waterproof, it's also tear-resistant and is designed to tightly cover an entire seating set with a matching table. It comes in a lot of different sizes so you can choose a cover that will tightly fit your outdoor suite. It's also UV-proof and windproof so your furniture is protected from direct sunlight as well as the elements.

"Furniture covers will also protect from leaves, dirt and garden debris that may be blown onto the furniture. Ensure that you regularly lift and waft your covering to allow airflow and prevent condensation, as this can lead to mildew," she states.

Most garden furniture is amongst the things you shouldn't pressure wash in your garden, so it's both easier and more effective to prevent dirt and mould build-up from the start.

Whether you're going for the quiet luxury garden trend or are one to try out budget garden ideas, there's no harm in prolonging the lifespan of your garden furniture. Using preventative measures such as covers and thoughtful placements will stop you from having to reinvest in furniture every summer which will save you hundreds in the long run.