The One Ingredient You Should Always Add To Avocado Toast

avocado toast with lime
avocado toast with lime - nadianb/Shutterstock

Creamy and rich, nutty and savory, avocado toast can easily -- and delectably -- accommodate a wide variety of toppings. From proteins such as fried eggs and bacon, and unexpected additions like sunflower or even pomegranate seeds, smashed avocado has many flavor friends. Even though you can't really go wrong with a plain and simple avocado toast with just salt and pepper, you can definitely go right by adding lime juice.

Yes, adding lime juice to your avocado toast recipe is one of the easiest and most effective methods of boosting the flavor. Limes are one of the most acidic citrus fruits, containing a higher concentration of citric acid than grapefruits or oranges. Thus, the acid in that squeeze of lime juice will help balance out the flavors of your creamy avocado toast, while also brightening up the overall taste and complementing the rich avocado. In other words, if you want your avocado toast to pop, lime juice is the way to go to help punch things up a little -- or a lot.

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Adding Lime Juice To Your Avocado Toast

squeezing lime juice over avocado
squeezing lime juice over avocado - RESTOCK images/Shutterstock

Adding lime juice to your avocado toast begins with picking the right limes. There are a variety of limes to choose from to add brightness to your dish. Persian limes, the common grocery store lime, have a milder flavor with less acidity than some of their more bitter counterparts, while Key limes, also known as Mexican or West Indian limes, offer a robust flavor and aroma. Alternatively, you can even use the very tart acidic juice of limequats, a cross between a Key lime and a kumquat for a distinctly bolder citrus taste (you can find these in specialty grocery stores). But be sure to take a good look and feel for whichever limes you're choosing. They should be round, firm, slightly squeezable, and bright green, which indicates freshness.

When you're ready to add the lime juice, you'll simply squeeze your lime over your avocado before mashing. But be sure to keep your lime juice minimal, so you don't overpower the flavor of your avocado -- the juice of about ½ a lime should suffice for a bright, well-balanced flavor. In addition to offering your avocado toast a serious flavor boost, incorporating lime juice will help preserve your avocado's bright green color, keeping it from turning brown.

Ways To Upgrade That Lime-Kissed Avocado Toast

avocado toast with chili flakes
avocado toast with chili flakes - Tejal Pandya/Shutterstock

Want to take that avocado toast to the next level? Spicy chilis typically pair well with tangy, citrus notes in dishes. This popular combination of flavors is found in a variety of cuisines, including Thai and Mexican. To achieve this flavor balance with your avocado toast, sprinkle some chili flakes, chili powder, or hot sauce for an avocado toast with a chili-lime flavor twist. Why not add some fresh cilantro?

Alternatively, if you'd like up the creaminess factor, go ahead and top your toast with ¼ cup of fresh crumbled goat cheese.  The goat cheese will complement the lime, add earthiness, and add to the richness of your avocado. To counterbalance your textures, consider adding a crunchy ingredient like toasted pumpkin or sesame seeds, everything bagel spice, or something firm, like halved cherry tomatoes. This will make for a satisfying bite that's a serious win in both flavor and texture.

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