One Of Our Favourite Burgers Is Finally Back At McDonald’s And It’s Had A Makeover!

The McDonald’s menu is a thing of beauty. But it’s been missing something recently, and that something is the Big Tasty.

McDonald’s Big Tasty burger is a fan favourite, so when it disappeared from the McDonald’s menu, we were gutted quite frankly, and we weren’t the only ones.

But praise be – the fellas at Maccas have not only put it back on the menu in time for the Bank Holiday weekend… they’ve added a new version too!

The new Spicy Big Tasty features Emmental cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato and obv Big Tasty sauce with a jalapeño twist.

If spice ain't your thing, don't worry, both the Big Tasty and the Big Tasty Bacon are also making a return. In case you’ve forgotten what makes them so yummy, maybe it’s the smoky beef patty? The creamy cheese? Crunchy fresh salad? Or the creamy Big Tasty sauce? Whatever it is, we know we’re into it, so we are VERY happy to have it back on the menu.

mcdonald’s big tasty is back on the menu

Alongside the Big Tasty burgers, McDonald’s fans will also be excited to hear the return of some other menu items…

Halloumi Fries are back! These delicious halloumi cheese sticks coated in a light batter, and served with a rich tomato dip are one of our faves, so we're stoked.

And don’t you just know summer is on the way when McDonald’s drops a new McFlurry? We're seeing the return of the Wispa McFlurry, swirled with Wispa chocolate pieces and a chocolate sauce AND the Wispa Gold McFlurry, with added Cadbury caramel sauce. Iconic.

Oh and let's not forget the four epic, new, limited-edition dips Garlic Mayo, Mega Hot Sauce, Chipotle Mayo AND Creamy Ranch...

Race you to McDonald’s!