One Day's Leo Woodall announced for next TV project

leo woodall, the white lotus, season 2
One Day star announced for next TV projectHBO

One Day and The White Lotus season 2 actor Leo Woodall has been announced for a new Apple TV+ project from Ridley Scott and one of the writers of Sherlock.

As reported by Deadline, Woodall will star in Prime Target, produced by Scott and created by Sherlock writer Steve Thompson. Black Adam star Quintessa Swindell serves as the show's other lead.

The series will be a thriller following a maths graduate (Woodall) is on the verge of discovering a pattern in prime numbers, which would supposedly allowed access to every computer in the entire world.

Soon he realises that someone is trying to destroy his work before he finishes it, which puts him in the pathway of an NSA agent (Swindell) who has been monitoring his progress. Together, they need to figure out the truth behind the conspiracy.

The series also stars The Walking Dead's David Morrissey, Legion's Harry Lloyd, X-Men: First Class' Jason Flemyng, Hawkeye's Fra Fre, Frozen II's Martha Plimpton, Jack Ryan's Ali Suliman, Borgen's Sidse Babbett Knudsen, The Stranger's Stephen Rea, and Mrs Wilson's Joseph Mydell.

Woodall's latest drama, One Day, is currently getting a lot of attention after it dropped on Netflix, especially with its divisive ending.

The actor recently opened up about the ending to Radio Times, sharing: "It ends so wholesomely that I don't think people will feel too robbed."

His co-star Ambika Mod added that it was a necessary thing to do for the character arcs, but admitted it's not a surprise that people had some strong reactions to the ending.

One Day is available to stream on Netflix now.

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