The one cheeky family member who makes Princess Kate 'lose her cool'

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The Princess of Wales is known for her calm and cool exterior, but there's one cheeky family member who knows how to push her buttons – her youngest child, Prince Louis!

Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, Debbie Frank, celebrity astrologer and close confidante of Diana, Princess of Wales, revealed how little Louis is the one person who can make his mother "lose her cool".

Debbie delved into the birth chart of the young Prince, who turns six on Tuesday, and said of the cheeky chap: "Undoubtedly, Louis' determined Mars in Capricorn creates a fractious frisson with Kate's Sun in the same sign.

Princess Kate with Prince Louis
"Louis is the one person who can make her lose her cool!" said Debbie (Getty Images)

"He is the one person who can make her lose her cool! Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a challenge for her."

Louis, the younger brother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, is much-loved by royal watchers and the wider public. He's known for his often mischievous antics, whether he's pulling faces at a large-scale family event, or looking slightly pained at Trooping the Colour when the noise from the military flypast all becomes a bit too much.

All about Louis

Describing Louis as a "breath of fresh air" who "provides some light relief from the stiff and staid royal line-up," Debbie said: "He's so engaging, playful, cheeky, and utterly himself that people fall in love with his court jester antics. He is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's faces, even though he is openly seen to remonstrate with his parents at royal events.

"His is an affectionate and loving personality with Venus in Taurus, Cancer rising, and the Moon in Leo. He is a crowd pleaser even though he breaks the royal mould. Adorable and engaging, he is easily forgiven, and his attractive personality magnetises a lot of attention."

Princess Kate and Prince Louis attend the Platinum Pageant on The Mall on June 5, 2022 in London
"Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a challenge for her," added Debbie (Getty)

Debbie also noted that the young royal, who is fourth in line to the throne, is "disinclined to follow the herd" and "likes to shake things up".

"Louis is born to be his own person," she said. "His birth chart doesn't share the astrological blueprint usually associated with the steadfast, sensible sign of Taurus. Louis's Taurus qualities are overlit by Uranus, the wild child planet, which was positioned close to his Sun when he was born.

"This means that he is disinclined to follow the herd (in this case royal protocol). He is likely to shake things up, add some mischief and disruption into the mix."

William and Kate's younger son is turning six on Tuesday. It's not yet known whether Kensington Palace will release a new photo of Louis to mark his special day, as they usually do, while Princess Kate is keeping a low-profile and undergoing preventative cancer treatment.

But no doubt the family will celebrate in private at their home in Windsor, Adelaide Cottage, and Louis will be treated to cake and presents.