Once You Cook Frozen Fries On The Grill There's No Going Back

french fries and steak
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Burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob are just a few of the essential backyard barbecue classics to include at your next outdoor gathering. However, there is a less common (yet equally tasty) food probably sitting in your freezer right now: frozen french fries. Fries are an easy and delicious addition to the grill, as well as a bona fide crowd pleaser when it comes to cookouts.

Both gas and charcoal grills are capable of reaching extremely high temperatures, which means your frozen fries will cook relatively fast. In fact, this side dish may be ready to serve in as little as 15 minutes when placed on a grill. As for flavor, grilling frozen fries introduces a smoky element that's not achievable when you place them in the oven. Because individual fries can easily fall between grates, be sure to add a layer of aluminum foil to the grill before getting started. You can also use a grill basket, which is a handy device suitable for all types of food.

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How Your Grilling Technique Can Affect Your Frozen Fries

types of grill baskets
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Aluminum foil is a go-to option for all sorts of grilled food, including frozen french fries. While it's perfectly fine to lay down a sheet of foil prior to cooking, you might also consider using a grill foil packet to hold the fries. Foil packets trap steam, which ensures the frozen spuds are evenly heated throughout. They also help retain any seasonings or oils you include, which can result in a more potent flavor.

Grill baskets are another option to consider if you fancy yourself a grill master. This cookware features several holes to allow smoke to flow over food and comes in a variety of shapes and configurations. A grill basket constructed from cast iron is a good option if you want a crispy exterior, but non-stick versions are a bit easier when it comes to cleaning. If you're on the fence about these devices, here's how to determine whether it's worth getting a grill basket and what you can do with the cookware.

Tips On Adding Flavor To Grilled Frozen Fries

fries with herbs and seasonings
fries with herbs and seasonings - PosiNote/Shutterstock

There are lots of ways to elevate boring frozen french fries, such as adding cheese or sauce as a topping. In addition to toppings, a combination of oil and seasonings will really enhance the flavor of the grilled spuds. While your seasoning blend ultimately depends on your flavor preferences, fresh herbs and garlic powder are a can't miss combo. You can also whip up a batch of Cajun fries by pairing cayenne pepper and smoked paprika with spices like salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and powdered garlic and onion.

By dressing the fries with oil before cooking, you can rest assured that your carefully selected seasonings will cling to the potatoes. However, certain oils also add a flavor of their own. This is true of something like toasted sesame oil, which features pleasing notes of sweet nuttiness. Truffle oil is another excellent selection, with flavors ranging from satisfyingly earthy to tinged with garlic depending on whether you use a black or white variety. If you want to let the seasonings stand on their own, olive oil offers a milder flavor. With the right technique and flavor additions, grilled frozen fries are sure to be the star of future cookouts.

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