'O'MG: New trend sees women getting G-spot injections to boost their sex lives

Woman are getting injections into their G-spot to improve their sex lives [Photo: Getty]

If your sex life is in need of a pick-me-up you might consider treating yourself to some sexy smalls, trying out some new positions or throwing some adult toys into the mix. Or you could get an injection into your G-spot.

Promising to improve the quality of your orgasm, the procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into the G-spot under local anaesthetic. It works by causing the G-spot to enlarge, which subsequently heightens sensitivity and pleasure in the area.

According to News.com.au up to one woman a fortnight in Brisbane is a undergoing the “minimally invasive” treatment, which aims to “improve sensitivity where you need it most.”

Cosmetic nurse Kate Sowden from the BeautyFULL Cosmetic Medical Clinic explained that though the procedure is popular among women of all ages, it was most common among women over the age of 35.

The injection, which is administered by a doctor, takes around 10 minutes, with the results lasting for around four months.

Would you get a jab in your bits to boost your sex life? [Photo: Getty]

For anyone currently squirming right now at the thought of getting jabbed in your nethers, nurse Kate has a few words of reassurance, explaining that the injection of hyaluronic acid is “very comfortable for clients” and perfectly safe.

“It’s an all-natural product so there’s a very low risk of having any sort of adverse reaction or anything like that,” she says.

The BeautyFULL website, explains that 87 per cent of women reported enhanced sexual arousal and gratification after receiving the G Shot. And as the procedure takes just 30 minutes, it can all be done in your lunch break.

Better sex comes at a cost, however, as the procedure will currently set you back around $900 in Australia, that’s around £550, although the procedure is slightly more expensive in the UK.

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