Olympian Gets Back Her Pre-Baby Body In 10 Months (And She Ate Chocolate Every Day)

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Olympian Libby Trickett has got to her pre-baby weight in 10 months [Photo: Instagram/libby_trickett]

When you’re battling extreme sleep deprivation, dealing with an onslaught of dirty nappies and still trying to get out of your pjs before 6pm, getting back into your pre-baby skinny jeans can feel like an uphill struggle you’re never going to be able to conquer.

And that’s exactly how Olympian Libby Trickett felt. The 31-year-old gave birth to her daughter Poppy in August last year and wondered if she’d ever manage to shift the 23 kilograms she gained while she was pregnant.

But fast-forward 10 months and the four-time Olympic gold medalist was back to her pre-pregnancy weight. And she did it all while eating chocolate every day!

Libby says focussing on how she felt rather than how much she weighed was key [Photo: Instagram/libby_trickett]

Libby admits that it was harder than she thought to cope with the changes in your body pregnancy brings.

“Before I got pregnant I was like, ‘My body is going to be a temple and pregnancy is going to be this amazing, beautiful experience,’” she told Today Extra.

“And it wasn’t. I felt terrible. I felt hungover for basically 28 weeks of 40, so it was a challenging pregnancy in that respect.”

Like many new mums Libby found it difficult to juggle looking after a baby while also finding time to look after herself. She believes the key to getting back into shape was focusing on how she feels, not on what she weighs and not making any extreme changes to her diet.

“I haven’t sworn off carbs or I haven’t stopped eating chocolate,” she said.

“I eat chocolate everyday which is probably too much, but I’m enjoying myself. I think being kind and patient with your expectations and what your body can do and all of those sorts of thing is really crucial to being able to lose the weight.”

Libby and her daughter Poppy [Photo: Instagram/libby_trickett]

And now the athlete wants to offer encouragement to other new mums who are struggling to accept their new post-baby bodies. Sharing a snap of her standing on top of a set of scales that read 69.2kg, the proud mum wrote: “10 months and 23kilos later - I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight!”

“I’m most proud of the fact that I was in love with my body through all of its changes and was comfortable in it again months ago,” she continued.

Libby gained 23 kgs while she was pregnant with Poppy [Photo: Instagram/libby_trickett]

But Libby is keen to stress to other new mums that she didn’t lose her pregnancy weight by spending hours on the gym or cutting out entire food groups.

“I didn’t lose it all because I worked out constantly (I can barely even say it was consistently!) but I listened to my body, gave it what it needed and enjoyed myself along the way.”

“I finally have a healthy relationship with food and I only hope I can pass that onto my little girl.”

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