Olivia Rodrigo reveals inspiration behind hit song Logical

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Olivia Rodrigo has revealed that her song Logical was inspired by her best friend.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge on Monday, the 20-year-old singer revealed that the ballad was inspired by her best friend and former co-star Madison Hu.

"She actually said in conversation 'it's just not logical, it's just not logical,'" Olivia recalled of a conversation with Madison that inspired the track, which details a relationship with a manipulative lover.

"I actually stole her life experience for the song," she joked. "I was like, 'Wow, that's interesting, let me write that down.'"

The Vampire hitmaker added, "So I owe her a lot."

Olivia and Madison both starred in the Disney Channel comedy show Bizaardvark. The series ran from June 2016 until April 2019.

Elsewhere in the interview, Olivia told Radio 1 host Charlie Hedges that her friends have to be "prepared for a song to be written about you".

Last month, the performer released her second studio album, Guts, which topped charts around the world. The songs from the album, several of them breakup ballads, have sparked speculation about who they were written about.

In a September interview with GQ, Olivia's ex-boyfriend Zack Bia denied rumours that the album's lead single Vampire was aimed at him. "I don't think it's really about me. I think the Internet just ran with it," he insisted.