Olivia Culpo appears to joke about American Airlines dress code incident

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Olivia Culpo speaks out after she is asked to change outfit by American Airlines  (Getty Images)
Olivia Culpo speaks out after she is asked to change outfit by American Airlines (Getty Images)

Olivia Culpo has seemingly referenced a recent incident with American Airlines, during which she was told to change her outfit or risk being removed from her flight, with new photos.

Last week, the former Miss Universe, who was wearing shorts, a black crop top, and a long black cardigan while travelling, was allegedly told by an airline employee to cover up before boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

The model’s sister Aurora detailed the incident on Instagram, where she explained that she thought Culpo’s outfit was “cute” and “appropriate,” but that her sister had been called to the airline desk by an employee who warned her that she needed to put a “blouse” on if she wanted to board the plane.

“Tell me is that not so f**ked up?” Aurora said at the time.

On Culpo’s Instagram, she reposted the video and added: “Oh no I’m confused lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive? Leave it to Aurora to cause a scene. Hide me”.

Over the weekend, Culpo appeared to joke about the experience on her Instagram, where she posted three photos of herself posing in a white cut-out dress along with the caption: “Please use caution while using the overhead bins as items may have shifted during the flight.”

The caption was met with amusement from Culpo’s fans and followers, who praised her for finding humour in the incident.

“You should wear this back on your flight and see what they say,” one person jokingly suggested.

Another said: “American Airlines does not approve of this dress but we do.”

“Caption,” someone else wrote along with tombstone emojis and a laughing face.

Others applauded Culpo, who covered her outfit with her boyfriend’s sweatshirt before the flight to Mexico, for her handling of the situation, with another follower telling the model that she “handled that like a pro”.

According to American Airlines’ conditions of carriage, passengers are expected to “dress appropriately,” which the airline explained means “bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed”.

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