What is the oldest item in the Coronation regalia? The Saturday quiz

1 Who might reach a state of Operating Thetan?
2 Which 1847 novel popularised the northern dialect word “gormless”?
3 Nasa’s Dart mission was an attempt to redirect what?
4 The Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven claims to be the birthplace of what delicacy?
5 Who is the holder of the only baronetcy created since 1965?
6 Which country operates the $700bn Public Investment Fund?
7 What is the oldest item in the Coronation regalia?
8 Whose Ark became a List?
What links:
Tom Jones; Brave New World; Nineteen Eighty-Four; Casino Royale; Temporary Kings?
10 Poplars; Rouen cathedral; haystacks; water lilies?
11 Saoirse Ronan; Romola Garai; Vanessa Redgrave?
12 Viola and Sebastian; Antipholus x 2, Dromio x 2?
13 Lithium and sodium; 2011 French Open and 2014 Australian Open?
14 Isis Gaston; O’Shea Jackson; Robert Van Winkle; Tracy Marrow?
15 New Guinea; Samoa; China; Cameroon, east Africa and south-west Africa?

Headshot of actor Vanessa Redgrave at the Cannes Film Festival, May 2016
Very knowledgable about Vanessa Redgrave? Photograph: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The answers

1 Scientologist.
2 Wuthering Heights.
3 Asteroid (Double Asteroid Redirection Test).
4 Deep-fried Mars bar.
5 Mark Thatcher.
6 Saudi Arabia.
7 Coronation spoon (12th century).
8 Oskar Schindler (Keneally book and Spielberg film).
9 Novels by Old Etonians: Henry Fielding; Aldous Huxley; George Orwell; Ian Fleming; Anthony Powell.
10 Series of paintings by Monet.
11 All played Briony in Atonement film.
12 Twins in Shakespeare plays: Twelfth Night; The Comedy of Errors.
13 Li Na: chemical symbols; women’s singles won by Chinese player Li Na.
14 Real names of Ice rappers: Ice Spice; Ice Cube; Vanilla Ice; Ice-T.
15 Location of colonies of the German empire.