Old Time Photos & Oddities opening on 18th Street

Brooklyn Logsdon, 24, had a vision to bring something new to the Owensboro community, and she found inspiration for a new venture while on vacation with her significant other, Danny Sexton, owner and operator of the Asylum Tattoo and Art Gallery on Triplett Street in Owensboro.

“We were on vacation and wanted to get our photos done in that ‘old-time’ style,” Logsdon said. “Then, I realized that we don’t really have a lot for entertainment in Owensboro, so maybe bringing a specialty shop and walk-in photography business would be fun and new.”

Sexton already had commercial building space in a strip mall on 18th Street next to the Burger King that burned in January of 2023. The spot formerly housed the Asylum tattoo studio before its move into a larger space across the street in Gabe’s Shopping Center.

“So, I’ve just been slowly getting this space fully ready,” Logsdon said.

Logsdon said that she’s always been an artist, but experimenting with photography is still a relatively new craft for her.

“I really love painting, houses, murals, things like that,” she explained.

She even recently painted a mural for the Pied Piper Children’s Resale shop in Rockport, Indiana.

“I got a camera about a year ago and have just been playing around with it and learning new things,” she said.

And with that camera in hand, Logsdon is gearing up to offer Owensboro walk-in photo sessions at Old Time Photos & Oddities.

“Right now, I’m operating on appointments, but I want to offer walk-in hours soon. I’ve just been working to get the space fully together before I set those hours,” Logsdon said.

In addition to “old-time” style photos, Logsdon, who is also a certified body piercer, wants to offer walk-in ear piercing. She’s also setting aside some space for retail sales.

“I’ve had requests to stock body jewelry and I’m going to sell some of my homemade crafts, like cups and tumblers, too,” she said.

The couple is also considering using the space to offer retail sales of adult novelty products.

“We’re just really trying to do something fun and bring something new and different to Owensboro,” Logsdon said. “Danny already had the space, so we thought, ‘Why not?’ ”

Logsdon said that she’s shopped at Goodwill and TEMU for costumes and props for the photos, and she’s been able to stock the shop’s wardrobe with outfits that range in size from newborn to 6X.

She’s also invested in the capability to print the portraits at the shop to provide convenience to customers.

“Right now, I’ve set prices at $20 for two 8X10 prints and $10 for additional copies or a flat session fee of $50 for so many photos that they can print themselves,” Logsdon explained.

She’s also interested in setting up a booth at events and festivals, such as BBQ & Barrels, to offer on-the-spot photos and crafts to the community.

“We’d just get a traveling wardrobe and stock with it some of our costumes and set up at festivals and see how it goes,” she said.

Additional information about Old Time Photos & Oddities, along with announcements about walk-in hours and more, can be found on the shop’s Facebook page of the same name or by contacting Logsdon at 270-315-9351.

“I can’t wait to have families in here having a fun experience making memories and taking pictures,” she said.